Saturday, November 13, 2010

Always check out the clearance racks

We went there today to get some winter type cloths for all 4 of us. Well wile I was waiting for Mick to finish trying on some pants he picked out, I decided to brows the clearance section right by the changing rooms. There it was a cute salmon pink shirt with a gathered front, short sleeves (that's OK I can wear a jacket I told my self), in my size too! I picked it out of the rack and looked at the tag.......$0.47 yep it said forty seven cents!!! NO WAY, took it up to the counter and YEP it was only $0.47!!!! Needless to say I went through the rest of the rack like a mad women. Didn't find anything else but I sure am happy about my great find. I Love Old Navy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Never thought I would have to use that word to describe someone and really mean it. One of my "neighbors" is in short a nut job......No joke!

This person is bipolar, is borderline schizophrenia and has the beginning stages of dementia, and to top it all off refuses to take meds! SO when you combine all of this together you get... a 60+ adult walking around in nothing but a tee shirt and sunglasses yelling at them self. Yep that was all they had on and the tee shirt was not a long one ether.

On the plus side I'm really getting to know a lot of the officers that patrol our area and they are so nice and amazing people. I couldn't do their job.

So thank you to every police officer for keep us all safe and coming to our rescue when needed. Even when it involves a half naked old person :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Water water every were and BOY DOEST IT STINK!

This is a post LONG over due. A few weeks back at 7am I had a tenant knock on my door telling me dirty water was coming up into their tub from the tub drain. I got on my shoes and grab my cell and began calling Lou or maintenance man (have I ever told you how much I love Lou, I'm going to have to give Lou his own post he is awesome). I went to the tenants apartment with the intention of trying to plunge tub, but all ready knew Lou needed to come snake it. Now this tenant lives 5 apartments down from mine on the other side of the complex. As soon as I got inside his apartment Justin was at his door yelling for me. When I asked him what was wrong he told me the office was flooded with water!
As i ran back to my place more and more tenants came out to tell me water was coming up in to their tubs as well. Once I got in to my house this is what I saw in my office.

That is not shiny floors, its carpet covered by 2 inches of SEWAGE WATER!!
Now keep in mind this is my office which is connected to my living room. there where also 3 power strips under my desk that where making the nicest pooping sound and smoking (till I turned off the breaker). Once I got the power shut off I had to crawl under my desk and unplug everything. Can we say YUCK!
As I had Lou on the phone with me he instructed me on how to shut the water off to the building, because it was the main drain for our building that was clogged, and anyone who was using water was just going to make it worse. Not to mention the main drain is in out pump room on the other side of the wall from my office and there was a nice 3 inch geyser coming out of it, along with floaters (poop for those who don't know what that is) OK everyone all at once..... YUCK!!!

So the Laundry room was flooded and poop filled so was the pump room (the room through the door)
Nasty water and poop was all out front my door.
And my toilet had to get riped out so Lou could try to snake the drain starting at the front of the building working his way down.
This by far was the nastiest thing I have had to deal with. I can handle mold and stuff but other peoples poop on my floors DISGUSTING!!!
So now me and the owner are picking out new flooring for the office (not carpet, its a cross between vinyl and tile) Lou is going to come and cut the walls out and fix them so if the pump room floods again it cant come in to my office. I get to repaint the office any color I feel is nice and bright, and I got to spend $40 on the worlds coolest power strip!! Its water proof (shuts its self off if it gets wet), has 15 outlets and is a outlet and phone-line surge protector, with USB power ports. Yep I'm that excited over a power strip.......I need to get out more :)

Animal Crackers in my Soup

Here is a video of Sky's tap dance she did this year. It was to the Sherlly Temple song Animal crackers in my soup. I'm so proud of her she really trys her hardest and is very passionate about dancing. She is also asking to do plays now so we will see where that goes.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Busy Busy Me

The kids have been in school for about a month and a half. I was really looking forward to it, a little alone time in the morn, then go work lunch at the school. Bring Sky home get homework done, go get Justin, do stuff around the house and enjoy or evenings as a family....... Yeah that was the dream before school started. Now its more like this.....

Get up at 7am
Get my self ready
7:30am Pick out Sky's cloths and get both kids up
Make them breakfast
7:45 get kids to eat breakfast and yell at (at least one) to stop playing and get ready
8:15 everyone puts on socks and shoes, fix sky's hair, make sure everyone has homework folders, snack, backpacks, water bottles, my LPS bag and badge, purse and cell phone.
8:25 Head to car to go to school, get in car and remember something, run back in to house and get or do what every I forgot.
8:30 driving to school, get to school, give Justin a hug and say by and that I love him (so non of his friends hear), walk sky to class, pick her lunch choice
8:40 go to office to pick up the 2 kids in sky's class that take the bus and bring them to class
8:45 school bell rings, go in to sky's class and do volunteer work that her teacher has for me till 11am
11am eat lunch and start LPS work till 1:25
1:30 head back to sky's class and do more work for her teacher, stay till the bell rings at 1:55 or if there is allot of work stay till Justin gets out at 3:25.
Tue sky has dance class from 3:30-4:30 other days we get to go straight home, kids have a snack and I do my school work.
5pm start dinner and clean house (sometimes I just start dinner and leave the house for Mick hehe).
Do apartment work, school work, kids homework, Tue and Thur nights I'm out for YW and dance class.
8pm get kids in bed, do more school work, or finally sit down and watch a TV show with mick
10:30 go to bed and do it all over again.
O did I mention i baby sit for a hour before school and 1.5 hours after school every other week, so I have 1 more kid in toe, and on Tue I take another kid who lives in my building to school so some days I have 4 kids in my car gong to school.

I wanted to post all of this because life has seriously taken ahold of me and my dearest friends have been put on the back burner. Luckily they know I love them and they love me and still call to make sure I'm alive or to kidnap me for a girls night. Mick has been wonderful and really sees how much I work and has been picking up the things I couldn't get too. Poor guy has been working a few weekends here and there too (with no extra pay) and is so worn out, but he still makes time for me. Even though I'm a busy busy bee I feel so loved and needed and it feels good. I love my family and my friends very much and am so lucky they still put up with me.
Life is good :)


In August I posted that we got annual passes to Disneyland. We went in Aug and got back 2 days before school started. It was so fun and not very crowded (which is always a plus). I didn't take to many pics because I figured we will go so many times wile we have our passes I don't need to take a bunch.

Always have to have one family pic, this time by Mick favorite ride The Haunted Mansion.
The kids LOVE Michel Jackson (even before he died) and were so excited to see Captain EO.

Then we got to see Alice. Justin didn't want to take a pic but with some loving force I made him hehehe. Later he told Mick he didn't want to take a pic with her because he thought she was cute and he was embarrassed. Yep my son is at that age where girls are no longer yucky and cootie filled, Now their cute and there is NO WAY he can tell mom that. At least he talks with Mick about it (when he knows me and Sky are far out of hearing range) and Mick lets me in on the secret life of Justin with the promise to never speak of it again.
Have I ever told you how lucky Skyla is. The coolest stuff always happens to this girl. This is a pic of course of Skyla and Snow White at Snow Whites wishing well off to the side of Sleeping Beauties castle.
OK so here is how I got this really cool pic. This is a bit long so if you don't want to read it I don't blame you. Any hoo....
Last year I did a girls day with sky in Disneyland. We got her hair done and she got the Snow White dress, then I took her over to where the princesses are and she got so lucky that Snow White was one she got to meet (she cried when she saw her that's how happy she was). Its one of Sky's favorite memories and she loves reliving it through the pics I got. Well this trip she insisted on bringing her dress again, we had a Snow White head band this time and she was in heaven. I asked her if she wanted to go by the princess area to see some of the Princesses and she said no. The line takes forever and she was not in the mood to wait.
So Mick had the idea to go check out Snow Whites wishing well and get some pic over there (he really likes the well too hehe). So as we headed over we started to notice all these people and they were blocking the pathway to the Wishing well. Then we saw her, Sleeping Beauty was there on the path taking pics in front of the castle. I asked sky if she wanted to go see her and she again said no. So to avoid the crowd we took the long way around. We went under the castle and took the path that winds down the side of the castle as we came out of the hallway Sky was in front and yelled "there's the well" then stopped dead in her tracks. Walking right towards us was Snow White!! There where other people by the well, but Snow White blew right past all of them and made a b-line for Sky. Sky of course took off running full speed for her. They hugged and talk about how cute their dresses where, then Snow White took her to the well and they made wishes together and posed for the pic above. It was really cute and magical, even Justin knew how cool it was and whispered to us "I love Disneyland magic" haha so cheesy. So with a crowd of about 30 people waiting their turn with Snow White I pried Sky away and we went to hit some rides.
Cant wait to see what our next trip has in store for us (we leave in 12 days) Halloween Time in Disneyland cant wait!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learning new words.... and the taste of soap

Last night wile playing the Wii, Justin made a mistake and a lovely new word he picked up at school came flying out of his mouth. Lets just say it sounds like Hit but has a S in front of it.

I don't think I ever felt so enraged as I did last night. I think the worst part of it is I knew this day was coming. The day it would finally hit me hard that Justin is a child who is growing and losing more of his innocence every day. Needless to say we had a long talk about what that word meant, who he learned it from, how it makes him look saying it, How we don't use it, and the one that made him cry "would you say it in front of Heavenly Father?". So he made a very wise decision today and decided he was no longer going to play with the kids who apparently use this word and many more every day out in the field. I had some fun wile I was LPS-ing today and sent 3 of them to the office for swearing.

Since it was his first offense we let Justin off with a warning and a future threat. I took a old bar of soap we have in the cabinet and on the box wrote his name on it. Then told him if I hear it come out of his mouth again he was getting his mouth washed out with it. At first he didn't really believe me but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to test that theory hahaha.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Feel the Papa love

Back in March my Mom and Step Dad Mike came to visit us for my sisters wedding. When they came they stayed with us a few days and the kids were in Nana and Papa heaven. After they left to go back home each of the kids claimed a pillow that my Mom and Mike used. Justin took my Mom's (his Nana Pillow) and Sky took Mike's (her Papa Pillow). They have made sure that these pillows are on their beds every night.

Last week we hit Disneyland right before school started. When we got home we put everything away and relaxed for the night. When bed time came the kids got ready as normal when Sky climbed in to bed she asked "Mom where is my Papa Pillow?" Mick and I looked at each other realizing it must have been left behind at the hotel. Sky realized just as fast as we did she forgot it and her pillow was now a 6 hour drive away. Needless to say she began to cry and I tried to console her but it was no use. I then called the hotel and they told me to call back first thing in the morning when the housecleaning supervisor was there.
At 7am the next day me and Skyla called and found out that the hotel had her Papa pillow and they would send it to us. $7.50 and 6 days later Sky got her beloved papa pillow in the mail.

Her is a cute video of her opening the box.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zucchini Festival

Sky danced at the Zucchini Festival today and did such a good job. The stage was super tinny so the girls were a little to close but they did good. She only did one dance and was #2 so we were in and out in less the 30min It was nice :).

Skyla in "Everybody wants to be a Cat"

Happy Birthday.....

My b-day was last week on a weekday so Mick had to work, but my extended family made sure I had fun.
First we headed out to Coyote Hill for a nice walk.

Group shot....yeah we are a big family :)
Isn't it pretty here?
Shot of the kids. There are 15 kids + Noel.....I mean here are all 16 kids (hehe love you Noel).
It was so much fun on the walk. The best part was working up a appetite!
After our walk Kamie, Ann and I (we missed you Janeen) Took me out for Indian food. Noel was sweet enough to babysit all 15 kids wile us girls went out.

I had never had Indian food before so I was really excited to try it.
My best girls :)
We stared out with our drinks a Mango Lassi (its like sucking a mango through a straw) YUMM!
and Mulligtawny soup
Lamb Samosa where next OMG they are so yummy
Then we had some Lamb Vindaloo, A veggie dish in the other pot I don't remember the name and the bread is called Garlic Nan (I took that whole basket home and didn't share). It was some of the yummiest food I have ever had! I cant wait to go back or to order out :)
Thanks everyone for making it such a fun and yummy day Love you all LOTS!! :)

Pre-K Camp

Last week Sky finished her 5 week Pre-K camp that really help her get even more prepared for Kindergarten. She had so much fun and really love school and her Teachers.

Sky and her teacher Mrs. Cooper
The teaching assistance, Miss Laura and Mr. Salines

Here is a super cute and funny video of Sky and her class preforming a song they learned in class. Its about 2 min but really funny check it out.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why my dear tenants why?

Why my dear tenants why do you leave your trash everywhere? Do you not have any pride in your home?

Why my dear tenants why do you let your 2-9 year old children play outside, screaming and yelling at 10:30pm, till I come out and remind you AGAIN about the city curfew? Do you not have any respect for you neighbors who have to get up early for work the next day? Better yet why are your children not in bed?

Why my dear tenants why do you like to test me and see if I really will tow your car for parking where you shouldn't? HAHAHA at least you listened the first time I towed you :)

Why my dear tenants why do some of you make me hunt you down for rent? Was the letter you received at least 2 time a month for the past 5 months not clear? All though I do have to say you did act quick once you got the 3day notice, so thank you for that.

Why my dear tenants why do you shake out the dryer lint trap all over the floor? Is the big black garbage can with the sign "please place lint here" above it just not noticeable?

My dear tenants don't get me wrong I love my job, and to tell you the truth I get a good laugh when you get caught doing something and you get that "O Crap" look on your face. Its pretty funny hehe.

I know how much of a blessing to my family this job is and I thank my Heavenly Father for it everyday. I just wish some of you had more pride and respect and where more understanding of others and their feelings. O well maybe we can teach each other something.

O and thank you to all my lovely tenants who like to show how much you appreciate what I do by cooking me yummy authentic Filipino and Mexican food. You guys are the best and make my job just a little bit sweeter :)

I love my job!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Disneyland.... our other Home

Disneyland what can I say its our FAVORITE place to go to (besides my Mom's, love you mom).

Neither Mick or I got to go when we where kids, and we both grew up a 5 hour car ride away. So when we had our kids we decided that if we could, we would take our kids at least once every couple of years depending on how old they where and if we could afford it. Well we went for the first time in June of 2008 and have been 3x's in the past 2 years.

We fell in love with Disneyland!

We get to do everything as a family, The kids are tall enough to go on everything so no one has to sit out, there are 4 of us so everyone has a buddy, Sky and Justin LOVE thrill rids, and the Disney magic feeling is just amazing. We love going because it feels like a real escape from the world. Even though we only get about 5 hours sleep each night the whole time we are there, and we are walking around for hours everyday, it is our "Happiest place on earth" to be.

Non of us mind the car ride ether. Mick and I bring books to read, and lots of different music to listen too. the kids each get their own "car bag". In their bag I put coloring books, crayons, work sheets, books to read or look at, different snacks, they get to bring their DS's to play some video games, and some toys to play with. They also bring their pillows and blankets cause all kids know if you take a nap in the car it makes the trip seem shorter (hehe).

This year with our amazing blessing of a new job and no rent, we decide to splurge, and spoil our selves a little. We just bought Annual Passports to Disneyland! I cant tell you how excited I am. We leave for our first trip on the 25th of this month, then we are planing on going back in October for Halloween. After that its pretty much when ever the mood hits hehe. I really enjoy Disneyland and all the fun family memories we are creating every time we go.


Sklya is 5 years old!!!!

My sweet baby girl is officially a school age child. Sky turned 5 in July and we celebrated by having a fun Hello Kitty swim party. Had some good friends over for some cake, then hit the pool for a few hours.

Isn't the cake super girly? I love it! so did Sky which is all that matters, she is Hello Kitted out right now. I love how she finds new things to love and gets so infatuated with them. She never really loses interest in things but goes through points where that one thing is all she wants to wear, play with, and sleep with hehehe.
We didn't really decorate the house but a fun pink covered table and Happy B-day sign and some Hello Kitty balloons (which are still inflated) was enough.
Thank you to all our friends who could make it over to celebrate Skys b-day, we love you all!

Monday, July 12, 2010

And she's OFF!

My sweet little Skyla isn't so little anymore. Today was the first day of her summer Pre-K camp, and the beginning of her school career. A little intro to the camp she is doing....

Its called Pre-K camp and is put on by First 5. Its a summer preschool for kids who didn't get the chance to go to a licensed daycare or preschool. Its to help them be prepared academically and socially for kindergarten. The camp is held this year at Justin and Skyla's school so the transition from camp to kindergarten should be very easy for Sky. I did do joy school with her and she is more then ready for school but since joy school is a home schooled preschool she was able to go to this camp. Its M-Th from 8:45-11:45 for 5 weeks! Her last day of school is a little over 2 weeks before Kindergarten starts, good thing we have a Disneyland trip planed in that break :)

She was so excited this morn for school that she was up at 6:30am. She couldn't eat much breakfast because she had "crazy things in her tummy". She was dressed, teeth brushed, and even let me do her hair all with out a fight, and a whole 45min before we had to leave. She kept asking if it was time to go yet, and frequently kept telling me we had to go now or we would be late (I cant wait till she can tell time hehe).

The time finally came to leave and she was the first out the door. When we got there her happy attitude continued but the Shy Sky started to come out. Sky takes a bit to warm up to people, but luckily she has met her teacher a few times before so she was OK. We walked in and her teacher took her hand right away and showed her and another girl where their cubbies were. Then she took them over to the table games to get them started. Sky kept looking at me and I could see the "I want to run to you and bury my face in to your side" look. So I decided it was time for me to go before she froze up. I went over to her and told her it was time for me to leave and I would be back in a bit to pick her up. She gave a a small hug and kiss, I said have fun, she smiled, and I just turned and walked away. Justin could tell I wasn't myself and held my hand the whole way to the car and said "don't worry mom we will be back in a few hours to get her" how cute is that kid. So me and Justin talked the whole way home about what me and him where going to do with our alone time. Then we got in the house I shut the door and the tears came pouring down before I knew what hit me.

I'm so happy for Skyla to be out and exploring the world, meeting new people, making new friends, and trying new things. This is the first time she has even gone somewhere with out me or Mick and with people and kids she has never really met. She has always been with someone she knew really well or kids she is good friends with. This is a big first for her (and me). You would think with having only two kids it wouldn't be so bad. I have done the school thing for 3 years all ready with Justin (and yes I cried like a baby when he started too). Sky is a little different though, Justin and I are close and love being together but I'm so used to Sky having to tag along it feels funny that shes not here.

On a happier side I'm am glad she is getting this experience, and I'm glad I will be getting to have some much needed one on one time with Justin my big 3rd grader!! Poor Justin has had to do just about everything the past 5 years with Skyla in toe. I have only had one arm to share with him and only part of my attention. Now that Sky is at school its just me and him for 3 hours, he gets my full attention and both arms, and I think he is pretty happy about that :).

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last Saturday Skyla and I both got to dance at the County Fair. It was so much fun and HOT. I didn't get many pictures (because I forgot the camera) but I did get one good one with my phone.

Song "Everybody wants to be a cat" from the Disney movie "The Aristocats"

This costume is super hot and thick, Dina was nice enough to have the girls dance 2nd so they could get out of this costume as fast as they could. The Fair was fun, the kids got to hit some rides and played a few games, we looked at most of the exhibits, but didn't spend to much time after the show. It was hot, the middle of the day, and we were all tired.

Its OK though cause I won a 4 pack of tickets to the Fair from our News station so we are going back this Saturday. I'll take more pics then hehehe.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swim Class

We put the kids in swim class again this year. It so neat to see how much they have learned and remembered.

Justin's confidence in the water has grown tons. This year in swim class he isn't scared to try anything and pretty much knows he can do it. He is learning all the technical parts of swimming like how to turn his head to breath how to place his arms and hands and different strokes.

I got some good pics of him in class, here is one of him waiting his turn....

and here he is doing the back stroke, this was a big deal for him cause last year he couldn't even float on his back.

Skyla is loving her class as well and is very confident in the water. She is learning how to put her face in the water wile swimming, and they are teaching her how to use her arms to swim forward and do the back stroke.

Swimming back from the deep end. They were jumping in and grabbing rings at the bottom.
Kick those legs.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Baseball Awards

Justin finished his 3rd year of baseball. This year was a lot different from T-ball the past 2 years. It was way more intense, serious, and demanding, but Justin loved every minute of it and grew from this new found maturity of the game. He had practice 1-2 times a week plus 2 games a week. Each team has about 3 pitchers and the kids pitched to the batters. There were way more real rules of the game enforced so it was a bit more challenging but fun. Justin had a good amount of really good hits ( this kid can hit far!). He also had a few really good plays, and by the end of the year he could catch anything thrown at him.

With the kids pitching its a bit hard for them to control the ball some times and Justin did get hit by a few balls wile up at bat. The worst was a fast ball he took right in the ribs HARD. He had a good bruise from it and we were almost worried he might have a cracked rib because he was saying it hurt to breath. We gave him some children Advil and a Ice pack, and the next day he was fine, just a big bruise.

He had some great coaches this year and we are sad to see them all leave (their kids are moving up next year). Hopefully he gets really good coaches again next year that are willing to work with him as much as these 3 did.

The 2010 Redwings

Justin holding up his trophy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crazy Hair

I'm so behind on my post I thought I would play catch up the next few days.

The last week of school was spirit week for Justin. Each day was a different theme and he had to go to school wearing the theme of the day (color day, tiger day, twin day and crazy hair or hat day). Crazy Hair or Hat day was on Monday of the last week. Well Justin doesn't really have any crazy hats, and he was in great need of a hair cut. So crazy hair it was.......

I put so much Gel and hair spray in his hair that it stayed like this all day, and we had a heck of a time washing it out. I was fun though and he got tons of complements about it. Best of all he had fun with it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I need Ideas

So my lovely Dance teacher has convinced me to take a solo jazz class. I'm still going to dance in my Tap/jazz combo class with the other adults, this solo class will be separate. I'm so excited about it because even though I love my group class and the lady's I dance with, I just don't feel very challenged. I'm the youngest (lets be honest here I'm also the most energetic) in the class. I like to do new and challenging things. I like to be over dramatic with my dancing and really have fun. The other lady's are great just not at my level I guess you can say. I'm the one in the class willing to do turns, kicks, leaps, the splits (yep I can do that), go down to the ground and get back up. The other lady's well they feel like that's to much for them and 2 of our dancers feel if they go down they wont get back up hehehe.

So the solo class was born! Now I'm going to be pushed like never before and I'm so looking forward to it. Here's my dilemma and where your ideas need to come in........... I NEED A SONG!

Since its a solo class I get to pick a song if I have one, I want to dance to. I have about 2 but would really like 4-5 that I can play with and see which one I really like. So send me your songs! Any era is fine, nothing to slow though, and with clean lyrics please.

Thanks all I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

FYI: This Sat at 10:30am Sky and I will be dancing at the Alameda County Fair (bandstand stage) If your there come by and watch. I'm sure if anything you will get a great laugh at me Dancing to Happy days in my black and hot pink 50's getup hehehe.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Me (caution, this is a sappy, whiny post hehe)

About a month ago I had my hair permanently straighten (think about a perm but instead of making your hair curly it makes it straight). It took 4 hours but was SOOOO worth it. Mick loves my hair long but I cant stand it. Just about anyone who knows me has pretty much only seen my hair short. Mick and I made a deal through, if I got my hair straightened and I liked it then I would let it grow out more, well......

My hair is now almost to the middle of my back and I LOVE it. I wake up and its straight I don't really have to mess with it. I leave it down all the time now but once in a wile I like a cute pony tail. I'm so happy with my hair and to tell you the truth its made me feel better about Me.

This probably sounds so self centered but lately I have been thinking a lot about myself. I have been working on "Me" for a wile now, just trying to be happy with my self and enjoy all the little things of my life. Ever since I took this step back I have found some wonderful and scary things.

1) I really do have some anxiety about turning 30.
Why, I have no idea, I never thought it would be a big deal (and for the most part it isn't) but for some reason its bugging me a bit. I still have a year to go (Aug 2011 the big 3,0) so I don't know why its nagging at me now and I don't even really know why its bugging me.

2) I feel out of place with some of my friends, Most of my friends are having baby's or are going to have another baby in the next year or two or have really small kids, and I'm getting ready to send my baby off to elementary school. No more Super Franks or park days anymore its now school projects and field trips.

3) I'm excited for a new life with "Older kids". Skyla and Justin are so fun to take to amusement parks and no one has to sit out on rides cause they are tall enough to ride everything. We have sports and dance and its so much fun. They can go to the potty by themselves. I don't have to go in the same stall as them any more. They can relay their feeling and tell me exactly what they want. Best of all their good kids, they make good choices, and make me smile everyday.

4) I'll have time to work on me and do the things during the day that "I" want to do, and I wont have to walk as fast as I can from one side of target to the other to reach the bathroom before someone pees their pants (unless I'm having a really off day hehehe).

My life is fun, crazy, adventurous, scary, joyful, and filed with lots of love and I'm glad I have taking the time to sit back and see how much I truly have and feel the joy of being so grateful for it. My husband and kids are the loves of my life and all 3 of these people make me who I am.

I'm loving my life and the people who make it up......and my new hair!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We are all better now :)

Boy did that last week take it out of me. I'm feeling much better (I can talk and swallow again) but I still feel a little drained of energy. Skyla is 100% and ready for summer. Justin is all better as well and Micks finger is back to a normal size hehehe.

Now we are just waiting for summer. The kids are going to do swim class again, then Justin will have a week of baseball camp and Skyla will be in a 5 week pre-K camp. The camps are just day camps but still Justin will be gone from 9am-3pm M-F, and Sky will be gone 8:30-11:30 M-TH. It will be fun for them (and me).

I still cant believe Skyla is gong to be in Kindergarten soon, its crazy to think about. Justin will be a 3rd grader WOW that seems so old all of a sudden.

I had a wonderful Mothers day. Mick spoiled me and got me a iPod touch (I think he just did it so he could have the old iPod all to himself now hehehe). Sky made me a cute card and a little pack of candy in Joy school. She even told me I didn't have to share the candy with her (hahaha she cracks me up), Justin made Mick go to Safeway and he picked out a really pretty orchid for me all by himself. I really did feel spoiled and loved on Mothers day.

On mothers day I also got to give a talk in church about Mothers and I really put a lot of thought and heart in to my talk, I also felt my talk was really guided by the spirit. Ever since then I have been reflecting on my role as a mother and how I am with my children. I feel so over whelmed and grateful that my Heavenly Father loves me so much that he gave me 2 beautiful children to raise here on earth and to be with for all eternity. My heart feel so full and I feel so loved that I just had to share how Much I love my family and how much I love my Heavenly Father.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

When it rains....

Its truly does pore!

I woke up with a really bad sore throat the other day and was told it was more then likely due to allergies.....yeah right this is me we are talking about here......Sure enough it was worse the next day so I got to go see the Doc again and was now told it is Tonsillitis. I don't have strep which is good cause that hurts more but i do have full blown tonsillitis.

Mick cut his finger at work the other day and yesterday had to take a trip to the doc because the finger that got cut was now infected and 3xs its normal size.

Justin has had really bad allergies this spring. The skin around his nose has gotten really raw and is now infected too, not to mention he is a 8 year old boy so that means he doesn't wash his hands as much as he should. He now has 2 cold sours one on each side of his mouth and both are infected. The doc thinks it has just been transferred from his noes.

Skyla saw the doc today too and poor thing has tonsillitis too. She also gets to go see the physical therapist and get her leg braces tomorrow but that's a different post.

SO the whole Rogers family are on perceptions of antibiotics. Like I said when it rains it pours :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sky's blog

Here is the address for a blog I started to help record everything that is going to go on with Sky and her toe walking issue.

I will update this as much as I can and try to keep everyone in the loop so you know how she is doing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Skyla Update!

Just to keep everyone in the loop Skyla is much better. She has not had to use her inhaler in over a week and she is back to her old self. Thank goodness cause i didn't know how much more I could take.

Skyla also went to the Orthopedic doc today for walking on her tippy toes. She goes Thur to have molds of her legs done and will have AFO leg braces put on. She will also start physical therapy 2xs a week for 6 weeks. After that we will see were she is and reevaluate. Ill try to keep everyone updated on her, she has lots of changes coming.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Up Date!

I know I don't blog nearly enough. Sorry I just have so many things going on blogging this the last thing on my mind, but we have had allot of crazy, busy, exciting, and scary thing going on.

Justin: He is doing great in school and learning so much. He is defiantly ready for summer though. He turned 8 last month and was baptized! Mick and I are so proud of him. It was neat too cause he got to be baptized on his actual birthday. He loved going to his first faith in god class, but doesn't want to do boy scouts which is fine. Baseball has started back up and we are at the field allot! He has 2 practices a week and 2 games a week. His coaches this year are really working with him on technique. He has had some big plays and hits so far and that has boosted his confidence a ton. Justin has also taken up skateboarding. We got him a skateboard for his b-day and he loves it and isn't to bad on it ether (no broken bones or stitches yet so I think we are OK). All in all he is good and having fun. He is most looking forward to summer, swimming, beaches, no school, Disneyland, and anything else mom can talk dad in to doing :)

Skyla: Where to start with this one. She has been quiet for the most part, enjoying Joy school, loving dance class having fun with her friends. Then she had the dreaded Doc visit for her kindergarten check up (read all about it down below). She is doing great loves the rain and jumps in the puddles any chance she gets. She is looking forward to her b-day and summer time. She cant wait to go to Disneyland and Santa Cruz, going fruit picking, swimming in the pool and school shopping (I'm not kidding she really is looking forward to this).

Mick: He is officially Fish crazy!! Mick loves his fish it his hobby and stress reliever, so I don't complain about it. We had a 36gal tank in the living room but some of our fish were starting to out grow it, so Mick found a really good deal on craigslist for a 90 gal (yes you read those numbers right I said 9-0 as in Ninety) tank for really cheap. Its very pretty and I love it. It looks so nice too and Mick does such a good job keeping it up. He also got a new fish a mudskipper! He is the coolest thing ever we are just hopping he doesn't commit fishy suicide and climb out of the tank. So To recap for those of you keeping track we have 3 tanks in our house. A 90 gal in our living room, a 65 Gal in our bedroom and a 10 gal in the office. The 36 mick is getting rid of and I made it clear he isn't aloud to get any more tanks hehehehe :)
Mick has also been doing a bit of work around the apartments and really enjoying not having to pay rent anymore.

Me: I'M in my 8th week of school and doing pretty good (I have a A in one class and a B in the other so I cant complain). It really nice taking classes on line and being able to go at my own pace. We became manager of the apartments we live on March 1st and that has been fun. The tenants are really nice and we haven't had any problem's yet, just the normal maintenance stuff. I'm still in dance class and excited for our new tap dance this year, its to Happy Day's and I get to be really corny and cheesy with it its so fun. My sister got married at the end of march so we got to have my Mom, step Dad and nephew come out and visit. Its always nice when they come but we miss them so much when they go. Easter was fun nothing big, the kids did eggs and had fun with all the toys and candy in their baskets. I'm still in Young women's and love it, things have just been crazy lately and I feel like I have not been able to participate much. I'm most looking forward to Disneyland this year. Since we have a little extra money we decided to get a year pass to Disneyland. I cant wait we are going to be so Disney-ed out I love it!

OK so as I mentioned Skyla went to the Doc on April 1st this was for her kindergarten entrance exam. So they did the whole shebang, she got weighed, and measured, had a hearing test a vision test and a full physical. The Doc and I talked about her walking on her tippie toes (yep she still does that all the time) and decided its time for her to see a specialist about it. So lots of Doc visits are going to be in our future for this one. Then of course cam the dreaded BOOSTER SHOTS!!! and when I say dreaded I mean stupid, retarded, flipping stafamackingfibideygijbit and a few other words I don't want any kids to read, Shots! She was given 4 shots and a TB test all in one visit and she had a allergic reaction to them. Not just a fever or her eczema flaring up but a Fever, eczema, coughing till she threw up every hour, ASAMA induced reaction. Yep skyla has been diagnoses with allergie related Asama! So now when ever her allergies act up we have to watch her same thing if she gets a cold. Poor thing has been sick for the passed 12days and finally getting better. She is still having to use her inhaler at least once a day (when the coughing fits start) but that's about it. Once she gets it the coughing goes away and she is much happier. She goes back to the Doc tomorrow for a check up and to have the papers filled out for school so she can have her inhaler in the office in case she needs it next year. Fun Fun Fun!

Monday, March 8, 2010

All Moved in!

For those who don't know, Mick and I took over managing the apartments where we live. Our good friends and passed managers Melissa and Ryan got us the job. Its been great! We are now in a corner unit 2 bedroom DOWN STAIRS!!! I love being down stairs exceptionally with the kids. Our living room is a bit bigger then what it was but the bedrooms are a bit smaller. The kids love that though cause we told them we will get them bunk beds. We have a dish washer!!! I cant tell you how much I love it all ready.

Then the lovely storage room. I have no idea how we fit everything we did in to our apartment. About half of what was in there is now in the storage room. Its so nice to have space and closets in our place now. The tenant's have been really nice to me so far. No one has really called or asked for anything yet. A few came over to introduce them self's witch I thought was kinda cool.

I have never really had to move so I didn't really think how i would respond to it. We switched apartments from a 1br to a 2br when i was pg with skyla but we didn't have much and I don't remember it even being that big of a deal. This time I couldn't get things put away fast enough! I felt claustrophobic with things every where. Mick laughed at me cause I got everything put away (except pics hung up) on sat once we got it all down. Its nice cause it all ready feels like home.

Best part of the move........J.D!!! Our friend J.D was one of the few guys that came to help Mick move down the heavy furniture. J.D and Joe brought down our big couch, and with Mick and Derick helping they tried for about 10min to get the thing through the door. Our couch is cheap so it had some give. Mick finally gave the OK to just jam the things in and J.D went at it. He was yelling "Mother of peril" "COME on baby" "Go on GO" "GOOOOO" "Come on"...... I was in tears on the floor laughing like crazy!!! The best part was they got it thought the door and Mick looked at J.D and said "Man you sound like you were coaching a birth" J.D said " It felt like I was". We all started cracking up like crazy. I wish I would have wiped out the camera for that one. All night I kept giggling about it and once Mick caught on to why I was laughing we both just started cracking up. Even now I cant look at the couch with out smiling.

Thanks for all the help guys you are the best :)

All in all we are settled in and ready for the rest of this crazy month of events.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

Saturday we took the kids up to a snow park in Strawberry. It was SO NICE!!! The weather was perfect, snow was great, the drive was even nice, and the view was amazing.

This snow park was a inter-tubing park and it had a big play area with these huge snow hills for the kids to play on.

Climbing the hill.....
Justin got up there no problem, Sky had a bit harder time and Justin had to hold her so she wouldn't fall.
She liked sliding down better anyways.
I asked her to make me a snow ball so I could take her pic, here is the pic I got......
Then i got this one right before she through it at me...... silly girl :)
Justin on top of the hill making snowballs

Had to eat some snow

My new favorite pic
See I was there too...... I have to tell you Justin took this pic and He did a really good job too.
Trying to make a snowman.........
Sky gave up and left Mick high and dry hehehe
Snow angles!
I have no idea what happened here..... He was digging in the snow then I looked again and he was like this hehehehe
Skyla having a blast going down the hill
Justin had a great time tubing too till the last run. The whole day he was going down on his butt and was fine. Mick and I were going down on our tummy's and thought it was way better. Well Mick talked Justin in to going down the last time on his tummy. He got about 6 feet down the mountain when he hit a bump and flipped completely over. He completely flew off the tub and in to the air. I was freaking out but the the second he hit the ground he jumped up and through his hands in the air to lets us know he was ok.
Poor guy had to walk a long way to get to the end of the run. He was ok and didn't even cry till he was sure no one but me would see (silly boy). His back and neck were a bit sore the rest if the day and he has some road rash on his tummy, but all in all he is fine and cant wait to go back next winter.

We had such a fun trip and the kids loved every min of it I think their first snow tip will be one they remember.