Saturday, September 4, 2010

Feel the Papa love

Back in March my Mom and Step Dad Mike came to visit us for my sisters wedding. When they came they stayed with us a few days and the kids were in Nana and Papa heaven. After they left to go back home each of the kids claimed a pillow that my Mom and Mike used. Justin took my Mom's (his Nana Pillow) and Sky took Mike's (her Papa Pillow). They have made sure that these pillows are on their beds every night.

Last week we hit Disneyland right before school started. When we got home we put everything away and relaxed for the night. When bed time came the kids got ready as normal when Sky climbed in to bed she asked "Mom where is my Papa Pillow?" Mick and I looked at each other realizing it must have been left behind at the hotel. Sky realized just as fast as we did she forgot it and her pillow was now a 6 hour drive away. Needless to say she began to cry and I tried to console her but it was no use. I then called the hotel and they told me to call back first thing in the morning when the housecleaning supervisor was there.
At 7am the next day me and Skyla called and found out that the hotel had her Papa pillow and they would send it to us. $7.50 and 6 days later Sky got her beloved papa pillow in the mail.

Her is a cute video of her opening the box.