Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday JUSTIN!!

I cant believe Justin is 6 years old all ready. Where does the time really go. We had a small birthday for him and he had a blast. He loves his friends so much and to him (and the rest of our family) our friends are more like family then our real family is. Now that he is getting older he is understanding how blessed we all are to have the friends we have.

His cake was really cute and I was able to find Dinosaur candles (6 even) to go with it. Not to mention it was a really good cake :)

He got some really fun things for the pool this year cant wait for summer!

And wile all the fun was going on the girls dumped out the toy box and were have the best time playing in it. I never really thought how big that toy box was.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Time

We had a wonderful Easter, the kids got to dye eggs and we watched "Its the Easter beagle Charley Brown". The kids had a blast hunting for the eggs the next morning and going nuts with their baskets. Then we got to go to church and the spirit was just so strong non of us wanted to leave LOL. When we got home Justin wanted to tell Mick the Easter story and how amazing it was that Jesus came back to life. So we all sat down and I read some of the story out if the bible. Sitting all together as a family reading that story really made the spirit feel strong in our home. I knew Mick could feel it too cause I caught him wiping his eyes a few times :) (not like he will ever admit it but he did I saw him). All in all it was a quiet and clam Easter filled with the spirit just the way it should be.

On another note.......
Im such a dork I completely forgot to take pic this year of the kids dying eggs and hunting for there eggs and opening their baskets. SO I have added a few Easter pic's from the past few years :) Justin and Skyla Easter 2006

Justin, Skyla, and Mick Easter 2007

Justin and Skyla Easter 2006 (skyla's first Easter)
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sky's First bike

She finally has a bike of her own! I have no idea why we waited so long to get her one, but she has one now and loves it. Its Disney princess (of course) and she even has a matching helmet and elbow pads. She can ride it pretty good too.

Micks B-day (part 2)

SO I made a nice dinner for Mick on his B-day and the kids and I got some "30" and "over the hill" stuff to decorate the house with. Justin loved it and kept saying we had a party waiting for him at home. Mick was freaking out thinking I threw him a surprise party (his worst nightmare LOL). We had a good time, Our friend Albert came over for dinner, cake and some Wii. All in all it was a fun night!

So I thought I would post a pic of Micks cake the kids insisted we get 30 candles (that was one big flame :P).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday MICK!!


Justin started T-ball! He has had 3 practice's so far and is loving it (and isnt to bad at it). He has a friend (Josh) on his team and is making friends with the other kids fast.

He got to bat alot yesterday and was doing a good job. They played a fake game so the kids can get used to it. Its so cute watching cause there is always at least one kid picking grass LOL


Dancing Friend's

Skyla just started dance classes and is just loving it. She loves tap and isnt too bad. The best part is she gets to be in the same class as 2 of her best friends Jaycie and Lia. Jaycie is such a big help and Sky loves to copy her. Jaycie is helping Skyla learn to point her toes

All 3 girls in there nice pretty straight line (the line doesnt last once the music goes on) :)

Sky got some alone time with Dina her Teacher before the other girls got there.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crafty Mom

Im really excited, I have never though my self to be very crafty or creative but Im finding out I can do more then I thought. Justin's is having a class play in may. Im still not sure what exactly its about something about the 3 billy goats gruff but with more critters and songs....I guess I'll find out in may.

Anyways I was asked to make the bee's for the play (see post below) and they came out really cute and were easy to do. Well when I took those back his teacher asked me if I could make goats too. So we sat down together and brain stormed on how we were going to do this. All the costumes are just hats the kids wear so all of this has to be light and easy to put on. So we figured out how to do this, then I got the job of coming home and figuring out how the heck to get it to go on top of a small hat. Well this is what I came up with what do you think?
O yeah the whole thing is make just out of construction paper and yarn for the beard and hair.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Justin was out of school for 2 days this week from being sick. When I went down to his class to get his work his teacher asked me if I could take home a box of stuff and make Bee's for there class play they are doing in May. There Bee heads are glued on to white hats, the back of the hat will have the bee butts with stinger and the kids will wear them. So check out my Bee I made and let me know what you think.

A cure to sibling rivalry

I found a new way to let the kids settle there arguments on there own......

Box each other and the winner is right! :) Hay there is no physical harm and they forget what they were mad about in less then 45 seconds. Now who says video games are bad for kids?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Movie review

If you have not seen this movie you need too. It was really good! We took the kids to go see this, yep even skyla. We went late enough that she fell asleep on the drive there and was asleep the whole time till the previews stated. We Figured since she had not taken a nap and we were seeing the movie at 7pm she would go to sleep just cause she would lose interest cause it wasn't a cartoon.
Well we didn't know how good the movie was. It jumps right in to the story and action it was a really good movie. Justin was pretty jumpy through it and not big on the monsters in it but he still liked it. Skyla was just captivated by it. She didn't say a peep through the whole thing (except laughing at parts witch was funny to me cause I didn't think she would get the joke but she did).
There was one part where something jumps out and I jumped in my seat, Sky didn't move but patted me and the leg and told me it was ok LOL. All in all it was a grate story and a great movie. We all enjoyed it and cant wait for it to come out on DVD.
O and Sky fell asleep after 2min of being in the car :)