Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tiger Cub

Its official Justin is in the Cub scouts!!! He is so excited to be a Tiger cub. We took him shopping for his uniform and he went crazy in the store. He thought everything was just so cool. I'm so excited for him I cant wait for him to start earning his badges, learning new things, and making new friends.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


The Alameda County Fair is back and we have already got to enjoy some Fair fun. Friday night my friend Stephanie invited me and the kids to come with her and her boy's to the fair to go see the Doodlebops! It was so fun the kids loved it and really enjoyed being able to go with friends. Then Saturday we were back at the fair cause Skyla got to dance there this year. Before she went on we were able to sneak in a ride (yep sky was jumping in her costume)

Then it was time for the girls to do there dance. It was so CUTE!! Skyla was not scared and did a really good job. Her and her best buddy Lia were the only 2 dancing but hay there 3 they will all get it soon.

Here is Skyla and Lia being silly. I love these 2 there so cute together!

After Skyla danced we walked around a bit and let the kids go on some rides and play some games. We didnt stay to long cause the 100+ heat was killing us!


T-Ball is over! Justin finished his first season of baseball. It was so fun watching him play and seeing him get better and better with every game. He is so excited for next season but happy the off season is here.

Today was his trophy ceremony. It was really cute they called out each of the kids names and they ran across the field to there coach's to get there trophy. Justin that it was so cool he got to run out by him self. After he got his trophy he had to wait for the rest of his team to come up too.

The kids were so cute. He had a great team and made some new friends.

He is so proud of him self and we are so proud of him too.


Thursday I took Skyla to have pics done in her first costume for dance. They came out so cute!

Then we had her Birthday Pics done. I still cane believe she is going to be 3 next month.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Im running away!

You always hear funny stories of kids who get mad at there parents or siblings then threaten to leave home by running away. I never thought my kids were that dramatic to ever come up with that..........I have been proven wrong!

Today is Justin's first day of summer break and so far by 11am this day have been crazy! The kids are non stop screaming, fighting, being goofy and loud. Not to mention all they want to do is eat everything they can.

Well it finally got to a point where Justin and Skyla were just getting on each others nerves. Everything Justin tried to do alone Sky would come by and mess with it. Everything Skyla had Justin wanted and would try to con her in to giving it to him. Well Sky won this round and finally made Justin break. He got mad and went in to his room, he asked me to not let Sky in that he need some alone time. I was so happy to hear that and to see him act grown up and just walk away and go cool off (or so I thought). About 10 min goes by and Justin comes out of the his room with his suite case in tow. He stops in front of me with this mad look on his face (he got really made when I laughed and took a pic of him). He then tells me he has had enough of Skyla and just cant live in these conditions any more (those were his words, now you try not to laugh when a 6 year old is tell you this). SO I asked him what he would like to do to make it better and he looks down and his suit case and then back and me with a very serious face and said "Mom its not you its Skyla, I love you very much but I just cant live like this. SO Im going to go live with Nana and Papa can you please get me a plan ticket and drive me to the air port?"

I had to bite my lip so hard to stop myself from falling off my chair from laughter. It was so funny!!

So I got control of myself and gave him a hug and pulled a guilt trip on him to get him to change his mind. I told him that if he left I would cry cause I would miss him so much (that worked great, after I said that he said he wouldn't go) Then I told him that he just has to learn that Skyla is still small and learning how to act, and if he wants a nice house to live in he has to stop fighting with her and help me teach her how to behave. With all that said the last hour has been nice. Justin is reading books to Skyla, there playing nice and its almost nap time so at least I know I will get some peace today.

Here's to one crazy summer :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our first trip to Disneyland (long post sorry)

SO this is a really long post but its about our first trip to Disneyland so how can it not be. AT least there are lots of pics to go with it right :)

We had the best time, I dont think any vacation we have had was as much fun as this was. SO lets start with Sat 6/7, we picked up our rental car the night before (a really nice red Chevy cobalt and boy was it fun to drive) So the kids woke up extra early and got them selves dressed. I finished packing wile Mick slept in and we head out about 10am. A friend of ours lent Justin a gameboy for the trip lets just say it was his fave thing to do in the car.

We got to the Hotel at about 4:30pm and we were blown away with our room. We stayed at the Best Western Park place Inn, it was a little pricey but well worth the money, it is literally right across the street from Disneyland. SO our room was a mini suite it had 2 queen beds and a sofa bed too. A TV, fridge and microwave (big money savers). A huge vanity area a big closet and great shower. When we got there we relaxed for a bit got things in order then went to the pool to let the kids swim. After that we had a really nice dinner at Red Lobster then went back to our room to get a good night sleep. Even with all that room its fun to cuddle on one bed wile watching TV before bed time.
With our hotel we got a free continental breakfast every morning. It was really good to and so much food to chose from.

Sunday we spent the whole time in Disneyland. Me and Skyla are huge fans of Tinker Bell and the Princess

First thing we did was get the kids there "Ears" Justin wanted a pirates one and Sky got Minnie ones. We also got them autograph books. It was fun have the characters sign the books.

After running in to a few Disney friends we headed down Main street.
We decided to hit "Tomorrow Land" First and got to meet Buzz.
After going on a few rides we made our way to "Fantasy Land" so Sky could meet some princess. She got really excited when she saw the castle.
Who doesnt like a good carousal ride :)

Justin Loves monstrow, so they had to take a pic pretending he was going to eat them LOL
We finally made or way to the Princess Fantasy area. Sky was in her glory! She got to meet Jasmin, Mulan and Princess Minnie. She also got to see Snow white but we didnt have the camera at the time so no pic :(

Justin was even excited to see them and have them sign his book. Mulan was his fave though :)
We hit the little Princess shop they had there and the kids got to spend some of there money Tim gave them. ( O yeah I have to tell you guys how sweet Tim is. Mick works with Tim and Tim is a southern Cali guy. Well he is one of those people who is genuinely nice and kind. His whole family is, he is the friend who lent Justin his son Mattie's game boy (Mattie is about 12 now and supper sweet) Anyways Tim knew this was our first trip and sent Mick home with a envelop fri. We opened it up to find a letter from Tim and his family saying they hope we have a good time
and safe trip and here is $50 for the kids to spend. We were in shock and Im still trying to decide what Im going to do as a thank you.) SO the kids got some new toys.
Here is Night Justin And Princess Sky with her wand (we were standing in line for the Roger Rabbit ride in toon town)
Once we got off the Roger rabbit ride we happened to just fall upon the Disney Parade of Dreams. We got there right before it started and had front row seats. It was the best parade we have ever seen.
After that we headed back to the hotel to give the kids a nap (they need it too) Then we came back to the park at about 4pm with the intention on staying till Midnight. It was the best thing we could have done. When we got back to the park there was NO ONE there. No long lines, no crowds and the sun was going down so the weather was cooling off. One ride we hit was Skyla's fave its "Whinnie the pooh" We all went on it the first time, then Mick and Justin went on splash mountain (sky was not tall enough) so me and her went on it again. In total I had to ride the thing 6 times. Pretty bad the ride I got to ride the most was Whinnie the pooh, but hay it was for Sky so its ok.
Can you tell she was excited about this ride
Had to take a pic with Pooh's honey pots
Then we hit "Dumbo" it was one of the main rides we wanted the kids to do. Mick and Justin getting ready to fly with DumboThe kids and there silly poses
Then the "Tea cups" those were fun and it was one of the few we could all ride together instead of pairs.
Justin was getting dizzy it was pretty funny
Well we made it to Midnight and poor Sky didnt even make the walk back to the hotel.
Monday We hit California Adventure. We walked around a bit and hit a few rides. We also got to see the Pixsar parade witch was cool.
We went on "Monsters INC." and the kids were hiding from the CDA
After that we hit the Bugs life area and rode a few more rides. Including the bumper cars witch were really fun since we made it boy agents girls. Girls won :)
Then we went back to the hotel for a nap again and after that Hit Disneyland again. Justin was dieing to go on the Mark Twain. It was fun to be on such a big boat.
We got a tad hungry so we picked up a Turkey Leg and boy was it good.

Sky decided to try some of Poohs honey!
Our Favorite ride was Pirates of the Caribbean we got to ride it a few times and now we have 2 kids who are Pirate crazy. We also got to see Fantasmic witch was a great show, and we got to see the Fire works both nights. Skyla screamed when she saw Tink fly by the castle during the fire works. It was so funny to see her go so crazy the people by us were cracking up at her.
On the way out we got a real treat. The only character we had not been able to meet was Mickey. He was a main one (of course) that we just had to see. Well after 2 days in the park we decided it was not going to happen and decided we would try next time we come back. As we walked to leave Justin spotted him.
Sky was so tired by this point (it was 11:30pm) that she didnt want to take a pic so Me and Justin did and we got both there books signed by the famous Mouse.
After we left the gates we all kinda broke down. Justin stopped and started crying saying he was going to miss his Disney friends. That got Sky started and she cried saying she was going to miss Tinker bell. and of course it tugged and Mine and Mick heart string seeing them so upset that we got a little teary eyed too.
Tue morn we slept in (greatly needed) and then headed home about 11:30am. On the way home we stopped for Milk shakes at Jack in the box and had to take a pic of the street it was on. The pic at the top was the street, Pretty cool didnt know we had our own Road :)
We had so much fun Mick and I have decided that we are using our income tax to go back and this time we are adding a day. Cant wait only 9 more months till we get to go back.