Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learning new words.... and the taste of soap

Last night wile playing the Wii, Justin made a mistake and a lovely new word he picked up at school came flying out of his mouth. Lets just say it sounds like Hit but has a S in front of it.

I don't think I ever felt so enraged as I did last night. I think the worst part of it is I knew this day was coming. The day it would finally hit me hard that Justin is a child who is growing and losing more of his innocence every day. Needless to say we had a long talk about what that word meant, who he learned it from, how it makes him look saying it, How we don't use it, and the one that made him cry "would you say it in front of Heavenly Father?". So he made a very wise decision today and decided he was no longer going to play with the kids who apparently use this word and many more every day out in the field. I had some fun wile I was LPS-ing today and sent 3 of them to the office for swearing.

Since it was his first offense we let Justin off with a warning and a future threat. I took a old bar of soap we have in the cabinet and on the box wrote his name on it. Then told him if I hear it come out of his mouth again he was getting his mouth washed out with it. At first he didn't really believe me but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to test that theory hahaha.