Friday, October 8, 2010


In August I posted that we got annual passes to Disneyland. We went in Aug and got back 2 days before school started. It was so fun and not very crowded (which is always a plus). I didn't take to many pics because I figured we will go so many times wile we have our passes I don't need to take a bunch.

Always have to have one family pic, this time by Mick favorite ride The Haunted Mansion.
The kids LOVE Michel Jackson (even before he died) and were so excited to see Captain EO.

Then we got to see Alice. Justin didn't want to take a pic but with some loving force I made him hehehe. Later he told Mick he didn't want to take a pic with her because he thought she was cute and he was embarrassed. Yep my son is at that age where girls are no longer yucky and cootie filled, Now their cute and there is NO WAY he can tell mom that. At least he talks with Mick about it (when he knows me and Sky are far out of hearing range) and Mick lets me in on the secret life of Justin with the promise to never speak of it again.
Have I ever told you how lucky Skyla is. The coolest stuff always happens to this girl. This is a pic of course of Skyla and Snow White at Snow Whites wishing well off to the side of Sleeping Beauties castle.
OK so here is how I got this really cool pic. This is a bit long so if you don't want to read it I don't blame you. Any hoo....
Last year I did a girls day with sky in Disneyland. We got her hair done and she got the Snow White dress, then I took her over to where the princesses are and she got so lucky that Snow White was one she got to meet (she cried when she saw her that's how happy she was). Its one of Sky's favorite memories and she loves reliving it through the pics I got. Well this trip she insisted on bringing her dress again, we had a Snow White head band this time and she was in heaven. I asked her if she wanted to go by the princess area to see some of the Princesses and she said no. The line takes forever and she was not in the mood to wait.
So Mick had the idea to go check out Snow Whites wishing well and get some pic over there (he really likes the well too hehe). So as we headed over we started to notice all these people and they were blocking the pathway to the Wishing well. Then we saw her, Sleeping Beauty was there on the path taking pics in front of the castle. I asked sky if she wanted to go see her and she again said no. So to avoid the crowd we took the long way around. We went under the castle and took the path that winds down the side of the castle as we came out of the hallway Sky was in front and yelled "there's the well" then stopped dead in her tracks. Walking right towards us was Snow White!! There where other people by the well, but Snow White blew right past all of them and made a b-line for Sky. Sky of course took off running full speed for her. They hugged and talk about how cute their dresses where, then Snow White took her to the well and they made wishes together and posed for the pic above. It was really cute and magical, even Justin knew how cool it was and whispered to us "I love Disneyland magic" haha so cheesy. So with a crowd of about 30 people waiting their turn with Snow White I pried Sky away and we went to hit some rides.
Cant wait to see what our next trip has in store for us (we leave in 12 days) Halloween Time in Disneyland cant wait!!!