Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow its been a wile

Its been way to long since I posted, sorry. To say my life is busy is a HUGE understatement. So just in case you cared (I know no one does hehehe) here is what we have been up too.
Skyla: My little ballerina is still dancing her little heart out. She is still taking Tap and Jazz and will soon be starting a solo ballet class. She loves to dance and sing, music is really one of skys favorite things. She is no longer in her leg braces or going to physical therapy for her toe walking. Walking flat is finally easy for her, but the toe walking habit isn't completely gone. Luckily with a little reminder she stops. She is also LOVING kindergarten. Her teacher is amazing, and sky is learning so much from her. Sky can read (which is still crazy to me) loves math, love to write stories, and is one of the biggest social butterflies (she puts me to shame hehe). She is also growing like a weed she is almost as tall as Justin, but is all legs. She also just got her ears pierced, and looks so cute with earrings.

Justin: My little boy is growing faster then I like to admit. For one, he is almost as tall as me. Justin is 4 foot 9 1/2, my soon to be 9 year old is only 6 inch's shorter them me!! There is only 3 months of this school year left and he will be a 4th grader and that much closer to JR high, he is smart and has found a love of reading and is willing to pick up any book and try it out. He is in kajukenbo (karate) and LOVES it, also Baseball season just started and he has been moved up. The division he is in is super intense, they keep score and it is played with full rules. Lots of back to back games and lots of practices. He's a bit intimidated by it but is ready for the challenge. He has had practice every day for about 2 weeks, even in the rain. Justin also got braces put on the end of January. He looks so cute with braces and its crazy to see how fast his teeth are shifting. Best part of them, they have boosted his confidence and he loves to show off his new smile.

Mick: The love of my life is amazing. He was just voted Employee of the month out of his entire company. I'm so proud of him and so happy to finally see him get some recognition for all his hard work. He is still enjoying his fish hobby and loves taking care of his 2 huge tanks (I love looking at them hehe). He also just had a birthday and I'm so happy I got to take him out for a relaxing day at a very nice spa in livermore. We got to have lunch together and then a hour long massage side by side, it was relaxing, fun and super romantic. Best of all Mick loved it and we are planing on going back in a few weeks (thanks again Vanessa for taking the kids all day your the best). I have been super busy and feel so lucky to have Mick by my side. He has picked up the slack at home that I keep dropping, and can make the most amazing breakfast. I love my hubby :)

Me: Where to start...... I'm still managing the apartments which is funny, crazy, and very entertaining at times. I volunteer at the kids school all day and am still work there during lunch as a LPS. I kid you not I'm at the kids school from 8:30am till about 4pm some days. I'm next years PTA president and that job has all ready started. I'm also still dancing but now all the adult classes are on Thur so I'm at dance from 6-9pm now, and still the 2nd counselor in the Young Women's presidency at church. My life is a bit busy and crazy right now trying to balance home, my hobbies the kids hobbies plus my two jobs, a calling and making sure I'm spending quality time with my family and friends. Yeah just a bit busy......but I love it.

On top of all of this we have squeezed in a few Disneyland trips and are trying to get at least one more in before our passes run out in Aug. Did a day snow trip and We are expecting a new family member in June (no not me). My sister and bil are expecting a baby girl in June and I'm so excited to be a auntie again, sky is just excited its a girl cousin this time (shes a bit out numbered right now 3 to 1). The kids and I are also trying to get out to my moms this summer for a visit.

So this is my busy life right now, I'm going to try to post more............hopefully :)