Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

Saturday we took the kids up to a snow park in Strawberry. It was SO NICE!!! The weather was perfect, snow was great, the drive was even nice, and the view was amazing.

This snow park was a inter-tubing park and it had a big play area with these huge snow hills for the kids to play on.

Climbing the hill.....
Justin got up there no problem, Sky had a bit harder time and Justin had to hold her so she wouldn't fall.
She liked sliding down better anyways.
I asked her to make me a snow ball so I could take her pic, here is the pic I got......
Then i got this one right before she through it at me...... silly girl :)
Justin on top of the hill making snowballs

Had to eat some snow

My new favorite pic
See I was there too...... I have to tell you Justin took this pic and He did a really good job too.
Trying to make a snowman.........
Sky gave up and left Mick high and dry hehehe
Snow angles!
I have no idea what happened here..... He was digging in the snow then I looked again and he was like this hehehehe
Skyla having a blast going down the hill
Justin had a great time tubing too till the last run. The whole day he was going down on his butt and was fine. Mick and I were going down on our tummy's and thought it was way better. Well Mick talked Justin in to going down the last time on his tummy. He got about 6 feet down the mountain when he hit a bump and flipped completely over. He completely flew off the tub and in to the air. I was freaking out but the the second he hit the ground he jumped up and through his hands in the air to lets us know he was ok.
Poor guy had to walk a long way to get to the end of the run. He was ok and didn't even cry till he was sure no one but me would see (silly boy). His back and neck were a bit sore the rest if the day and he has some road rash on his tummy, but all in all he is fine and cant wait to go back next winter.

We had such a fun trip and the kids loved every min of it I think their first snow tip will be one they remember.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Can you guess who Skyla's New BFF is?

Ill give you a hint........

Got it?

Yep thats right my daughter is OBSESSEST with Michael Jackson!!
This is her favorite pic of him and its all so her fave song (Beat it)

He was a huge influence for me too when I was a kid. I remember being so excited for his new music and videos and its really neat to see Skyla be so in to it. I mean the girl can sing you songs if you ask her too and she can even copy some of the dance moves from his videos.

She got a new pet hermit crab and named him Michael. Its also really funny to hear her talk about him cause she just calles him "Michael" like their old friends. It is really cute. What made me want to tell you all about this was a comment about something skyla had said to my friend sarah on another post I left. This is the kind of things she says that have me cracking up.

"I forgot to tell you what Skyla said when I was teaching Joyschool last week. It was the day we celebrated her birthday so I made them muffins (I didn't have cake, but I put whipped cream on them to be frosting)...anyhow, she was saying that she is going to ask Santa for Michael for Christmas. I was confused "Michael who?" "Michael Jackson (duh). I am going to ask for him to come down from Heaven." It was really hard to keep a straight face...just so you're prepared. :)"

My daughter is one of a kind thats for sure :)