Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We Carved Pumpkins on Wednesday night. It was really fun (I love the holidays) the kids did most of the work getting all the guts out witch was really nice I think we are going to start doing that from now on. They insisted on me cooking the seeds for them so I did. Justin LOVES pumpkin seeds (who knew). Justin and Skyla both wanted to draw their own faces for their pumpkins. Skyla of course got a little help but we let Justin completely do his on his own. I help skyla carve her's wile Mick watched Justin do his. Yep he is getting older, Justin got to carve his whole pumpkin all by himself this year. And I think he did a awesome job :)

Some updates:
If you cant tell from this pic Skyla is getting HUGE!! We just weighed and measured her and Justin. Skyla is now only 4 inches shorter then Justin and they both weight the same (40lbs). Poor Justin I think his "little sister" is going to pass him up soon. AT least when we go to Disneyland in March Sky will be tall enough to go on all the coasters this time.
Justin is doing really well in school. Once again Math is his strong subject and he loves it. He is also reading like crazy and really learning to love writing his own stories. His Top front teeth are getting loose ( I cant wait for pics of that) His bottom front adult teeth have come in and mine and Micks fears are coming true. Justin has a small jaw like Mick does and his teeth wont have enough room. The dentist said don't worry about it till he is about 10-11. Then he will more then likely need braces.
Skyla is doing great, she is loving Joy school and learning so much. She wants to do homework like Justin so we got her a spelling book. We write words down for her and she traces them, I think in the next few months she will be able to write her name by herself. She LOVES dance class and has made a new friend too. She is all ready getting her Christmas list going. Every toy commercial she sees you ether hear a yes or no when its done or a "O mommy I'm asking for that one". Its really funny cause she wants everything and she also has some expensive taste.
Have a Happy Halloween and a safe Trick or Treating night.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love my Husband

I have not posted about Mick in a wile and I really should. The past few weeks it seems like my eyes have been opened a little more a few times to how wonderful my Husband is.

I am taking a dance class on top of all the other fun things I do (card class and book club once a month plus all my Enrichment responsibility's, things for the kids dance, scouts, friends). Then all my hobbies, reading, crafts, knitting (my new one), Blogging, baking the list goes on.

Mick NEVER complains about anything I do or want to do. I have even had weeks were I am not home from 7-10pm every night. I even got to go all the way to Connecticut to see my Mom for a week wile he stayed home with the kids.

Mick always puts me and the kids first. We have talked that when Skyla starts kindergarten, if I'm not babysitting then i will more then likely go get a part time job wile the kids are at school (I have not worked in almost 8 years and I have no idea where to start hehehe). Well yesterday we got a sign up sheet for the Halloween party for Justin's class, I told Justin we would make cookies for him to take. He was ok with that but said he wished I could work in his class that day too, but he knows I have to stay home with Skyla (siblings cant be in class). Mick then told me that he wanted me to be the class mom for Skyla kindergarten class, and if I could also do Justin's (do half days in both classes no biggie). He then told me how he knows how much I want to be a part of there schooling and he really wants me to do it wile I can.
Mick has only one hobby and that's football. I joke and say during the Football season I'm the 16 week widow. He is a HUGE Buffalo Bills fan and he watches every game. He know everything about all the players and the kids have even learned they don't get to watch TV on Sunday and Monday nights :).

I love my hubby and how loving and caring he is. He always tells me how beautiful I am (even though I don't think so). He is always pulling piratical jokes on me and knows how to laugh at himself. He will do things he is uncomfortable with just to please me.
Mick does so much for our family and all he ever ask's in return is that I love him forever (I think i can handle that :P). I am really lucky to have Mick for a husband, and I am so grateful for everything he does. I love you sweetie :)

Gas is cheap?

No really it is! On Stephanie's blog I saw that she said she went to Costco and was shocked that gas was only $2.79. Well when I heard that I decided to get gas there this week cause the 76 next door to me was asking $3.36.
Once I got to Costco yesterday I realized I forgot my Costco card so I couldn't get gas. I decided to go back this morning and made sure I remembered it. As we left this morning I spotted the sign for 76 and gas was down to $3.19 (not bad I haven't seen it that cheap in a long time).
We got to Costco and I just about passed out from shock. Gas was down to $2.55!!! It dropped AGAIN by a huge $0.24, and was now a $0.64 cent difference then where we normally go.
Now if only everything else would go down :) (yeah I know that's asking to much hehehe)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 that you?

We have had 75+ degree weather forever it seems. Yes its Oct 28th and this is our first cold day. I think Fall might completely skip Ca this year. Good news is we are supposed to get some rain FINALLY!! Bad news its supposed to come on the one night that Everyone is going to be outside. LOL go figure 75+ weather all month then rain Halloween night. Here's hoping the weatherman is wrong. After that it can rain :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guess what Im doing....

I'm taking a Line Dancing class at Dina Star Dancers!! Yep the same studio that Skyla goes to has some adult classes. I have gotten to know a few of the girls in the class and me and one of the Moms from Skyla's dance class have decided to join together. I'm so excited its been forever since I danced and I really do love it. I might even take the Hula one they have too :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


I got tired of my play list on my blog so I decided to change some songs. I think i went a little crazy hehehe. I had so much fun finding new and old songs I love, think are funny and some that just make me sing out loud. So have fun listening to my new play list

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hula Baby

Sky has a big dance show coming up this Sat. She is so excited cause so far at all the shows she has only been doing 1 dance (twinkle little star its a tap dance). This one is such a huge thing that she will be doing 3 dances. Twinkle little start is one, then she will be doing her new dance that we just got the costume for Hula Baby (I'm sure Auntie Kami loves this one), then the whole dance studio does a big final number together called "All for one".

I love this costume it so cute!!! Mick pulled the total Dad card tonight when I tried it on her LOL. Fist it was "is she going to wear anything under her skirt cause you can see her panties?" Me: Yes hun she will have on a pair of shorts under. Then I got "is that the top?" Yep "but its just a fake coconut bra" Yeah I know "that's all she is wearing.......I don't know if I like that" Mick its a hula dance she looks like a hula girl and its cute. She is still little it doesn't matter at least she is covered. "Yeah I guess at least its a short song" :P such a Dad!

Skyla Girl

As many of you know Sky has been having some skin problem's. Mainly around her mouth and on her right arm in the crease where she bends her elbow. We have notices around her mouth gets really bad when she eats anything with tomato's in it, or tomato's them selves. Well now it has been happening alot more and now her arm is doing it. We took her to the Doc and they assumed it was some type of food allergy.

Good news from the Doc she has NO food allergies! She is also not allergic to Dog's, cat's, mold, perfumes or cockroaches (ewwww had no idea there was a test for that). BUT she does have eczema, Tomato's seem to really irritate the eczema around her mouth and chin so we should keep her away from that as much as we can. Besides that she is fine. They did give us a endless prescription for this medicated hydrocortisone cream we can us on her and said to just give her benadril at night if it gets really bad. I'm just grateful its not something more.

Now we just have to watch it and make sure we put the cream on it (mainly her face) when it acts up cause it can scare. Raising kids what an adventure.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Look out Pirates have taken over The Rogers house!!!!! Be on the look out for Captain Drama Queen Skyla and the feared Pirate Smart Mouth Justin.
They are considered armed and dangerous!

We went out today with the intent to get the kids costumes. Justin wanted to be a skeleton and Skyla wanted to be Minnie mouse. We could not find ether costume in their sizes.
Justin then picked out a Pirate costume and Skyla had picked out a witch one, but as we were walking to the dressing rooms to try them on we found the Girl Pirate costume that matched Justin's so we grabbed it. We only tried on the costume at the store (not the accessory's) and thought they looked cute. So we got them and the Kids LOVE them. We tried everything on once we got home and me and Mick couldn't stop laughing at how cute they look matching. Both of them went crazy over their costumes and are all in to Pirates right now.
I'm so happy they let us get them matching costumes I wanted one year of them being something together. I just love the holidays there so much fun with the kids.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holiday time is here!

Aaawwww my favorite time of year is here at last. Oct-Dec are my favorite months. The world just seem different and everyone has a happier step to their stride.
Well with Christmas right around the corner now is the time to plan for me. My Mom found this great web site it has so much to do. There are things for the kids, they can write a e-mail to Santa and he even wrights back. There is also Mrs Claus's kitchen and that thing is LOADED with recipes.
One of the things I got off for the kids are "Good Deeds Calender" I got them for Oct, Nov and Dec up till Christmas. It has a list of things the kids should do everyday (it all things they usually do everyday anyways). I changed a few things to fit better with my kids (for Justin instead of chores I put homework), but its a fun way for them to see how good they are being. I told Justin and Sky that Santa e-mailed it to me, cause with all the kids in the world he needs some help keeping track of who is really nice, and who isn't doing what they should. SO every night we mark off their boxes and if there is something they forgot boy do they run and do it LOL. Also I have been using it to get Skyla to do more too I just tell her if she doesn't do it I cant mark it off and Santa wont being her any presents. Let me tell you that works like a charm.
O and Im going shopping on Black Friday (again) so if any one wants to come let me know :) 5am is never to early to shop.
Happy Holidays!