Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday.....

My b-day was last week on a weekday so Mick had to work, but my extended family made sure I had fun.
First we headed out to Coyote Hill for a nice walk.

Group shot....yeah we are a big family :)
Isn't it pretty here?
Shot of the kids. There are 15 kids + Noel.....I mean here are all 16 kids (hehe love you Noel).
It was so much fun on the walk. The best part was working up a appetite!
After our walk Kamie, Ann and I (we missed you Janeen) Took me out for Indian food. Noel was sweet enough to babysit all 15 kids wile us girls went out.

I had never had Indian food before so I was really excited to try it.
My best girls :)
We stared out with our drinks a Mango Lassi (its like sucking a mango through a straw) YUMM!
and Mulligtawny soup
Lamb Samosa where next OMG they are so yummy
Then we had some Lamb Vindaloo, A veggie dish in the other pot I don't remember the name and the bread is called Garlic Nan (I took that whole basket home and didn't share). It was some of the yummiest food I have ever had! I cant wait to go back or to order out :)
Thanks everyone for making it such a fun and yummy day Love you all LOTS!! :)


James and Monica said...

We love Indian food! I'm glad to hear that restaurant is good, we've been wanting to go there! Happy late birthday.