Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Most of you know I babysit a little Boy named Rylan during the school year. He is 2 1/2 and is a sweet very well behaved little guy. Him and Skyla get along so good and Justin just thinks he is awesome (to Justin this is the little brother he never got LOL). Today was the first day since June that I have had him. The kids are going crazy being back together. I love seeing them have somuch fun with their friends.

Rylan totally made my day today. When they showed up Justin opened the door and Rylan made a b-line right for me and gave me a huge hug. Then he went for the kids room LOL. I'm looking forward to another fun school year with my little buddy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My 1st grader

Justin and His friend Jack on the first day of school (Jack is in kindergarten and lives in our apartments with us)

How bad am I, I didn't even take any pic of Justin's first day of school. AT least I was able to still this pic from Melissa's blog :)
Its official Justin is in the 1st grade!!! I cant believe it he seem so-much older now. I guess that feeling is going to happen every year.
Anyways this year wasn't as hard as last year. I didn't cry this time but still had the tummy turning feeling of leaving him. He LOVES school and is so excited to be back. One thing he noticed really fast once he got in to his class room is there were no toy in there. Then his teacher made the announcement that this was first grade and they don't play in first grade they work. I'm excited to see what kinds of things they will do this year.
Justin said his teacher is really nice and he is happy he has her. Also for those of you who don't know Justin is now in school full days! Yep he is out of the house M-F from 8:45-3:25! I miss him but its nice having him gone too. I enjoy my one-on-one time I get with Skyla (not to mention she is way more mellow when Justin isn't around) but even that is going to be slowly slipping away. Skyla starts Joy school Sept 2nd so I will be childless on Tue and Thur for a few hours this school year (yes mom I will post all about her first day).
I am so happy to be a Mom. I love watching and sharing in the joy of all the new things my kids do. Its hard watching them grow up and seeing them need me less and less, but I wouldnt traid it for the world.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Mick and I have been married for 6 years now (as of the 24th). We don't really do much for our anniversary for a few reasons.
1) its 7 days after my birthday
2) when we got married it wasn't that big of a deal to us, as far as we were concerned we were all ready married this just made it legal. We had been engaged for 2 years, living together for a year and half now, and Justin was 5 months old when we got married (you cant get any more married then that).
SO for our wedding we took off to Reno with some friends a couple of Family members and got married over the weekend. When we finally decided to just go to Reno and not wait to afforded a big wedding we realized we had to wait till I was 21. Hence the reason we got married the week after my birthday.
It was a fun weekend and of course how can you not be happy when you are getting married, but really it wasn't that big of a deal to us. There were so many things about it all that we didn't like, 1 we never wanted to get married in Reno, 2 I hate how its right after my birthday, 3 we were bummed that we couldn't do it before Justin was born, and leaving him for 2 days at 5 months old SUCKED! All in all it was great don't get me wrong, I got to be married to my best friend and Love of my life. A piece of advice don't go to Reno in Aug it was 110' the day we got married.

Now for some of you I'm sure this sounds funny but Me and Mick started dating in 99 and most of the time people don't even remember the day they met let alone make a big deal out of it. For me and Mick though we do. Its a more exciting day to us then our wedding day so I'm really happy to say that we will have been a couple for 9YEARS this November.

Anyways Happy Anniversary sweetie I love you it was the best $150 we have ever spent! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here comes the Tooth Fairy

Justin lost his first tooth!!! and the other one is right behind it. He is so excited that the tooth fairy is coming tonight. He is also excited to start school next week and show all his friends he is missing a tooth.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Happy Birthday

I cant believe it I'm 27 today!

Its been a few years since we have been able to do anything for my birthday or our anniversary (witch is next Sunday), so today Mick totally spoiled Me. Yesterday we were kinda busy so couldn't really do much. Skyla danced at the Hayward Zucchini festival (it was so cute and the girls did so good) , then that night at 7:30 I had to give a talk at a baptism. That was such a fun and a uplifting thing and a really testimony builder. SO when I got home Mick asked if I would be ok with missing church cause he really wanted to take me out ON my birthday. So we didn't go to church today and I got surprises left and right today.

First Mick made me a huge breakfast of Eggs, bacon, and a potato mushroom onion thing that he sauteed. It was so good!! Then he told me to get ready that we were out of the house by 10am. We headed down to Jack London square (I thought we were going to hit the farmers market) but he surprised me by having us take the Ferry to San Francisco Pier 39 The kids thought the ferry was so fun. Justin even went to go to the bathroom and instead told one of the workers that it was my birthday and they took him to the captain who wished me a happy birthday over the loud speaker (little stinker).

When we got to Pier 39 it was so fun and such a pretty day. We walked all around the Pier window shopping. Then Mick took me to my favorite make-up store (Bare Escentuals) and got me a few new things. One of my fave is there buxom Lips lip gloss, it has this stuff in it that make you lips feel cool and tingly for a few hours its really nice.

Then we walked down to Fisherman's wharf and got a small snack of shrimp cocktail (my fave), hit the old game museum, then went to Ripley's believe it or not, then we hit the SF chocolate shop and he got me a chocolate covered Strawberry and a Carmel, nut and chocolate covered apple (so I could have it tonight to snack on wile we watch a movie after the kids go to bed). Then Him and the kids took me to the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner. Poor Skyla was so tired she took a few bites then fell asleep on Micks lap. Yes Justin and Mick told them it was my birthday and I got sung to very loudly after dinner. They even brought me a Ice cream sunday with candles in it hehehe. After, Mick insisted on walking down the street and window shop a little more. So we walked down a little bit then Justin had to go potty. Mick insisted on me taking him and he would watch Skyla. Well when we got back to where Mick was he told me to go in to this jewelry store. As we got to the back of the store this Older man handed him a box. Mick got me a new ring!!! Its so pretty!! Its yellow gold (so it matches my wedding rings) it has a pink tear cut Sapphire and has pink opals on each side. He said its my anniversary gift and for Xmas he will get my wedding ring fixed but in the mean time this will have to do. Isn't he cute! I will have to have one of my friends who have a good camera take a pick of it.

Then we had a nice Ferry ride back. The whole day was amazing and the kids were so well behaved. This was one of the best Birthdays I have ever had.

On another note I got a way fun and super cool gift from my friend Sarah Chilton. Sarah is super crafty and very talented. As a birthday gift and congrats on starting Pampered Chef she made me a Chilton original Apron. Its so CUTE!!! The best part is she made Skyla one for her birthday last month and mine matches! O and its reversal the other side is pink with white dots.

Thanks Sarah you so rock :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gas is going down?!!!!

I never thought I would see the day let alone actually get to do it. Yep I got to pay UNDER $4 for gas!!!! I know pretty big thing huh?! I had to go out to Concord the other night and needed gas, Well I decided to get gas on my way home and it was only $3.95 a gallon!! Its at $4.16 by my house (and still going down witch is very nice) but to pay under $4 wow its been a long time.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My crazy reading skils

Most of you know I'm a crazy Stephenie Meyer fan. I just LOVE her books! Twilight was one series of books I didn't in anyway have a hard time getting in too. I was hooked on the first chapter, then knowing there were 3 more books after the first I went crazy (you do know this was all your fault Sarah J :) ). So as a early birthday gift Mick took me to go get a copy of the Breaking Dawn the 4th and last book of the saga the day it came out. (I think he felt bad he didn't let me go to the midnight release for it, I kinda pouted about it). SO it was no surprise to anyone that the second we got home I planted myself ever so nicely in my fave reading spot on our couch and didn't move for about 3 days. OK so I got up to pee and go to church but that was about it, and yes I slept too.....kinda.

Mick called me this morning and asked if I had finished my book (I only had 3 chapters to go last night before we went to bed, OK before he came and got me at 3am and told me to go to bed). I told him "yes I did first thing this morning after the kids got me up at 8am". He asked me what time I started reading and when I stopped. I had no idea where he was going with this so I just answered. I told him about 8:15 (once I got the kids breakfast) and I finished about 9:20. he started laughing and then yelled "Tim wins he was the closest!" and then started cracking up. I asked him what was going on and he told me that my freakish reading talent/obsession is widely know at his work.

So this time he went to work and told the guys how many pages the book was and that I had all ready been reading for 15 and 1/2 hours (yes he was clocking me). SO then all the guys at his work made bets on me as to what time today I would finish, and how many hours total it would take me to read the book. No one knew, not even Mick that I was almost done. Some of the guys guest I would not be done till tomorrow so the hours were pretty high like 28-35 hours. Tim (mick boss) was the only one who said "there is no way she takes that long I bet she is done before Mick calls her at 10" Mick told him that I stayed up till 3am reading and that he thought I would be to tired to read let alone be out of bed yet. Well Tim was right :) and now all the guys at work owe him Lunch (there are 6 guy, besides Tim there so Tim is set on lunch this week).
SO here are the totals.......
Book: Breaking Dawn
# of pages: 756
TOTAL HOURS: 16 hours and 40min

I'm pretty impressed by myself if I do say so! Man see if he would have let me go to the midnight release I could have read it all Saturday :). Now I know the not sleeping thing kinda makes everyone wonder. With me when its something I'm really in to my mind just seems to not be able to settle down. With good books that I really like I can read for hours and not get bored or tired. Then when it comes time to sleep all I do all night is dream (very real dreams) about what I just read. Then I wake up just after a few hours feeling very well rested and even more excited to finish the story and can jump right back in to reading. I think it a adrenalin kinda thing. The only problem is once my mind does settle down I'm super tired (that's probably going to hit about 5pm-ish today LOL).

If you have not read the "Twilight" saga you should its really good. Also she has another book "The Host" witch is just as good and captivating.