Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last Saturday Skyla and I both got to dance at the County Fair. It was so much fun and HOT. I didn't get many pictures (because I forgot the camera) but I did get one good one with my phone.

Song "Everybody wants to be a cat" from the Disney movie "The Aristocats"

This costume is super hot and thick, Dina was nice enough to have the girls dance 2nd so they could get out of this costume as fast as they could. The Fair was fun, the kids got to hit some rides and played a few games, we looked at most of the exhibits, but didn't spend to much time after the show. It was hot, the middle of the day, and we were all tired.

Its OK though cause I won a 4 pack of tickets to the Fair from our News station so we are going back this Saturday. I'll take more pics then hehehe.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swim Class

We put the kids in swim class again this year. It so neat to see how much they have learned and remembered.

Justin's confidence in the water has grown tons. This year in swim class he isn't scared to try anything and pretty much knows he can do it. He is learning all the technical parts of swimming like how to turn his head to breath how to place his arms and hands and different strokes.

I got some good pics of him in class, here is one of him waiting his turn....

and here he is doing the back stroke, this was a big deal for him cause last year he couldn't even float on his back.

Skyla is loving her class as well and is very confident in the water. She is learning how to put her face in the water wile swimming, and they are teaching her how to use her arms to swim forward and do the back stroke.

Swimming back from the deep end. They were jumping in and grabbing rings at the bottom.
Kick those legs.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Baseball Awards

Justin finished his 3rd year of baseball. This year was a lot different from T-ball the past 2 years. It was way more intense, serious, and demanding, but Justin loved every minute of it and grew from this new found maturity of the game. He had practice 1-2 times a week plus 2 games a week. Each team has about 3 pitchers and the kids pitched to the batters. There were way more real rules of the game enforced so it was a bit more challenging but fun. Justin had a good amount of really good hits ( this kid can hit far!). He also had a few really good plays, and by the end of the year he could catch anything thrown at him.

With the kids pitching its a bit hard for them to control the ball some times and Justin did get hit by a few balls wile up at bat. The worst was a fast ball he took right in the ribs HARD. He had a good bruise from it and we were almost worried he might have a cracked rib because he was saying it hurt to breath. We gave him some children Advil and a Ice pack, and the next day he was fine, just a big bruise.

He had some great coaches this year and we are sad to see them all leave (their kids are moving up next year). Hopefully he gets really good coaches again next year that are willing to work with him as much as these 3 did.

The 2010 Redwings

Justin holding up his trophy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crazy Hair

I'm so behind on my post I thought I would play catch up the next few days.

The last week of school was spirit week for Justin. Each day was a different theme and he had to go to school wearing the theme of the day (color day, tiger day, twin day and crazy hair or hat day). Crazy Hair or Hat day was on Monday of the last week. Well Justin doesn't really have any crazy hats, and he was in great need of a hair cut. So crazy hair it was.......

I put so much Gel and hair spray in his hair that it stayed like this all day, and we had a heck of a time washing it out. I was fun though and he got tons of complements about it. Best of all he had fun with it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I need Ideas

So my lovely Dance teacher has convinced me to take a solo jazz class. I'm still going to dance in my Tap/jazz combo class with the other adults, this solo class will be separate. I'm so excited about it because even though I love my group class and the lady's I dance with, I just don't feel very challenged. I'm the youngest (lets be honest here I'm also the most energetic) in the class. I like to do new and challenging things. I like to be over dramatic with my dancing and really have fun. The other lady's are great just not at my level I guess you can say. I'm the one in the class willing to do turns, kicks, leaps, the splits (yep I can do that), go down to the ground and get back up. The other lady's well they feel like that's to much for them and 2 of our dancers feel if they go down they wont get back up hehehe.

So the solo class was born! Now I'm going to be pushed like never before and I'm so looking forward to it. Here's my dilemma and where your ideas need to come in........... I NEED A SONG!

Since its a solo class I get to pick a song if I have one, I want to dance to. I have about 2 but would really like 4-5 that I can play with and see which one I really like. So send me your songs! Any era is fine, nothing to slow though, and with clean lyrics please.

Thanks all I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

FYI: This Sat at 10:30am Sky and I will be dancing at the Alameda County Fair (bandstand stage) If your there come by and watch. I'm sure if anything you will get a great laugh at me Dancing to Happy days in my black and hot pink 50's getup hehehe.