Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yummy Breakfast

Justin was so sweet and got up early the other day just so he could make breakfast for Me, sky and himself. He made us Banana and Jelly sandwiches. OK not the most appealing but it was the thought that counted. He said he would have used peanut butter but he couldn't reach it LOL.


Look how happy and proud he is. I love this guy :)

I did eat most of mine. I felt sick the rest of the day but he never knew and that's all that matters. Who knows maybe some day he will be a famous chef.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My little sis is ENGAGED!!!

Me and the kids headed down to my Sister Niki's place for a birthday party. Niki and Kristen (Ben's sister) are only a few days apart so they decided to have a joint birthday party. Little did Niki know it wasn't just a birthday party but a Engagement party FOR HER and BEN!!! It was so much fun to be apart of it. I'm so happy and excited for Ben and Niki!!!

The cute couple before he asked
The cute couple after he asked :)
Her gorges ring (way to go Ben!)
"hay Mom guess what!!!!!!!" giving Mom the good news and learning she all ready knew too LOL. I love it when everyone is on something except the person its going to happen to hehehe.
And of course Justin, Skyla and Jesse where there too but they were to busy playing and enjoying each other.

Niki and Ben I'm so happy for you guys and cant wait to share in all your joy to come. I love you guys :)

Here is the video I got of the big day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rob the tropical fish

Because of Joy school and Justin being in school Skyla loves having homework. This year to get her ready for kindergarten Joy school has a separate course I do with her at home called Kindergarten readiness. Its alot of letter, color and shape recognition. Learning the sounds of letters and learning how to write them. Sky has just loved practicing her name.
The other day I gave her homework of drawing a pic. She could draw anything she wanted just draw. Well she took it to heart and did her best and this is what we got...........

Rob the tropical fish (she named him not me) I was really impressed by how much detail she put in to it, normally she doesn't do that. Then to top it off she wrote her name on the bottom all by HERSELF!!!!

Yep I'm a very proud mom right now :)

Joy school

Sky started joy school 2 weeks ago and I'm so late posting about it. Anyways she has LOVED it and is so excited to have more friends with her this year.

First day of Joy school. I taught the 2ND week of joy school and let me tell you these kids are SO FUN!!! They all crack me up and get along really well, and are just all good kids. Its a little crazy with 6 kids this year but its alto of fun.

Star Wars anyone

Our good friend Jack had a fun Star Wars themed birthday. I had a blast dressing the kids up. Justin was Darth Vader (he all ready had the costume from a passed Halloween) and Skyla I dressed up as who else Princess Leia. She even sat still so I could fix her hair. Witch by the way I loved and think i will do again just because. :)

The kids with their light sabers ready for battle.


This tomato sat on my counter for about 2 weeks. It didn't spoil and looked nice and red. Till I turned it over and saw this.......

Yep that's right get a good long look.........Yep the seeds in the tomato started to sprout THROUGH the tomato and the thing wasn't even rotten. Crazy but still pretty cool.