Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sky's blog

Here is the address for a blog I started to help record everything that is going to go on with Sky and her toe walking issue.

I will update this as much as I can and try to keep everyone in the loop so you know how she is doing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Skyla Update!

Just to keep everyone in the loop Skyla is much better. She has not had to use her inhaler in over a week and she is back to her old self. Thank goodness cause i didn't know how much more I could take.

Skyla also went to the Orthopedic doc today for walking on her tippy toes. She goes Thur to have molds of her legs done and will have AFO leg braces put on. She will also start physical therapy 2xs a week for 6 weeks. After that we will see were she is and reevaluate. Ill try to keep everyone updated on her, she has lots of changes coming.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Up Date!

I know I don't blog nearly enough. Sorry I just have so many things going on blogging this the last thing on my mind, but we have had allot of crazy, busy, exciting, and scary thing going on.

Justin: He is doing great in school and learning so much. He is defiantly ready for summer though. He turned 8 last month and was baptized! Mick and I are so proud of him. It was neat too cause he got to be baptized on his actual birthday. He loved going to his first faith in god class, but doesn't want to do boy scouts which is fine. Baseball has started back up and we are at the field allot! He has 2 practices a week and 2 games a week. His coaches this year are really working with him on technique. He has had some big plays and hits so far and that has boosted his confidence a ton. Justin has also taken up skateboarding. We got him a skateboard for his b-day and he loves it and isn't to bad on it ether (no broken bones or stitches yet so I think we are OK). All in all he is good and having fun. He is most looking forward to summer, swimming, beaches, no school, Disneyland, and anything else mom can talk dad in to doing :)

Skyla: Where to start with this one. She has been quiet for the most part, enjoying Joy school, loving dance class having fun with her friends. Then she had the dreaded Doc visit for her kindergarten check up (read all about it down below). She is doing great loves the rain and jumps in the puddles any chance she gets. She is looking forward to her b-day and summer time. She cant wait to go to Disneyland and Santa Cruz, going fruit picking, swimming in the pool and school shopping (I'm not kidding she really is looking forward to this).

Mick: He is officially Fish crazy!! Mick loves his fish it his hobby and stress reliever, so I don't complain about it. We had a 36gal tank in the living room but some of our fish were starting to out grow it, so Mick found a really good deal on craigslist for a 90 gal (yes you read those numbers right I said 9-0 as in Ninety) tank for really cheap. Its very pretty and I love it. It looks so nice too and Mick does such a good job keeping it up. He also got a new fish a mudskipper! He is the coolest thing ever we are just hopping he doesn't commit fishy suicide and climb out of the tank. So To recap for those of you keeping track we have 3 tanks in our house. A 90 gal in our living room, a 65 Gal in our bedroom and a 10 gal in the office. The 36 mick is getting rid of and I made it clear he isn't aloud to get any more tanks hehehehe :)
Mick has also been doing a bit of work around the apartments and really enjoying not having to pay rent anymore.

Me: I'M in my 8th week of school and doing pretty good (I have a A in one class and a B in the other so I cant complain). It really nice taking classes on line and being able to go at my own pace. We became manager of the apartments we live on March 1st and that has been fun. The tenants are really nice and we haven't had any problem's yet, just the normal maintenance stuff. I'm still in dance class and excited for our new tap dance this year, its to Happy Day's and I get to be really corny and cheesy with it its so fun. My sister got married at the end of march so we got to have my Mom, step Dad and nephew come out and visit. Its always nice when they come but we miss them so much when they go. Easter was fun nothing big, the kids did eggs and had fun with all the toys and candy in their baskets. I'm still in Young women's and love it, things have just been crazy lately and I feel like I have not been able to participate much. I'm most looking forward to Disneyland this year. Since we have a little extra money we decided to get a year pass to Disneyland. I cant wait we are going to be so Disney-ed out I love it!

OK so as I mentioned Skyla went to the Doc on April 1st this was for her kindergarten entrance exam. So they did the whole shebang, she got weighed, and measured, had a hearing test a vision test and a full physical. The Doc and I talked about her walking on her tippie toes (yep she still does that all the time) and decided its time for her to see a specialist about it. So lots of Doc visits are going to be in our future for this one. Then of course cam the dreaded BOOSTER SHOTS!!! and when I say dreaded I mean stupid, retarded, flipping stafamackingfibideygijbit and a few other words I don't want any kids to read, Shots! She was given 4 shots and a TB test all in one visit and she had a allergic reaction to them. Not just a fever or her eczema flaring up but a Fever, eczema, coughing till she threw up every hour, ASAMA induced reaction. Yep skyla has been diagnoses with allergie related Asama! So now when ever her allergies act up we have to watch her same thing if she gets a cold. Poor thing has been sick for the passed 12days and finally getting better. She is still having to use her inhaler at least once a day (when the coughing fits start) but that's about it. Once she gets it the coughing goes away and she is much happier. She goes back to the Doc tomorrow for a check up and to have the papers filled out for school so she can have her inhaler in the office in case she needs it next year. Fun Fun Fun!