Monday, July 12, 2010

And she's OFF!

My sweet little Skyla isn't so little anymore. Today was the first day of her summer Pre-K camp, and the beginning of her school career. A little intro to the camp she is doing....

Its called Pre-K camp and is put on by First 5. Its a summer preschool for kids who didn't get the chance to go to a licensed daycare or preschool. Its to help them be prepared academically and socially for kindergarten. The camp is held this year at Justin and Skyla's school so the transition from camp to kindergarten should be very easy for Sky. I did do joy school with her and she is more then ready for school but since joy school is a home schooled preschool she was able to go to this camp. Its M-Th from 8:45-11:45 for 5 weeks! Her last day of school is a little over 2 weeks before Kindergarten starts, good thing we have a Disneyland trip planed in that break :)

She was so excited this morn for school that she was up at 6:30am. She couldn't eat much breakfast because she had "crazy things in her tummy". She was dressed, teeth brushed, and even let me do her hair all with out a fight, and a whole 45min before we had to leave. She kept asking if it was time to go yet, and frequently kept telling me we had to go now or we would be late (I cant wait till she can tell time hehe).

The time finally came to leave and she was the first out the door. When we got there her happy attitude continued but the Shy Sky started to come out. Sky takes a bit to warm up to people, but luckily she has met her teacher a few times before so she was OK. We walked in and her teacher took her hand right away and showed her and another girl where their cubbies were. Then she took them over to the table games to get them started. Sky kept looking at me and I could see the "I want to run to you and bury my face in to your side" look. So I decided it was time for me to go before she froze up. I went over to her and told her it was time for me to leave and I would be back in a bit to pick her up. She gave a a small hug and kiss, I said have fun, she smiled, and I just turned and walked away. Justin could tell I wasn't myself and held my hand the whole way to the car and said "don't worry mom we will be back in a few hours to get her" how cute is that kid. So me and Justin talked the whole way home about what me and him where going to do with our alone time. Then we got in the house I shut the door and the tears came pouring down before I knew what hit me.

I'm so happy for Skyla to be out and exploring the world, meeting new people, making new friends, and trying new things. This is the first time she has even gone somewhere with out me or Mick and with people and kids she has never really met. She has always been with someone she knew really well or kids she is good friends with. This is a big first for her (and me). You would think with having only two kids it wouldn't be so bad. I have done the school thing for 3 years all ready with Justin (and yes I cried like a baby when he started too). Sky is a little different though, Justin and I are close and love being together but I'm so used to Sky having to tag along it feels funny that shes not here.

On a happier side I'm am glad she is getting this experience, and I'm glad I will be getting to have some much needed one on one time with Justin my big 3rd grader!! Poor Justin has had to do just about everything the past 5 years with Skyla in toe. I have only had one arm to share with him and only part of my attention. Now that Sky is at school its just me and him for 3 hours, he gets my full attention and both arms, and I think he is pretty happy about that :).