Monday, June 21, 2010

I need Ideas

So my lovely Dance teacher has convinced me to take a solo jazz class. I'm still going to dance in my Tap/jazz combo class with the other adults, this solo class will be separate. I'm so excited about it because even though I love my group class and the lady's I dance with, I just don't feel very challenged. I'm the youngest (lets be honest here I'm also the most energetic) in the class. I like to do new and challenging things. I like to be over dramatic with my dancing and really have fun. The other lady's are great just not at my level I guess you can say. I'm the one in the class willing to do turns, kicks, leaps, the splits (yep I can do that), go down to the ground and get back up. The other lady's well they feel like that's to much for them and 2 of our dancers feel if they go down they wont get back up hehehe.

So the solo class was born! Now I'm going to be pushed like never before and I'm so looking forward to it. Here's my dilemma and where your ideas need to come in........... I NEED A SONG!

Since its a solo class I get to pick a song if I have one, I want to dance to. I have about 2 but would really like 4-5 that I can play with and see which one I really like. So send me your songs! Any era is fine, nothing to slow though, and with clean lyrics please.

Thanks all I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

FYI: This Sat at 10:30am Sky and I will be dancing at the Alameda County Fair (bandstand stage) If your there come by and watch. I'm sure if anything you will get a great laugh at me Dancing to Happy days in my black and hot pink 50's getup hehehe.


Savages said...

I don't have a song for you, but that's super fun that you're doing a solo dance!! Awesome! You better tell us when the recital is so we can watch you!

Alyssa said...

idk what kind of dance exactly you're doing... but if you want a jazz song, use a michael buble song. he's HOT:)
ps i'm super excited to be one of skyla's teachers!