Monday, August 2, 2010


Sklya is 5 years old!!!!

My sweet baby girl is officially a school age child. Sky turned 5 in July and we celebrated by having a fun Hello Kitty swim party. Had some good friends over for some cake, then hit the pool for a few hours.

Isn't the cake super girly? I love it! so did Sky which is all that matters, she is Hello Kitted out right now. I love how she finds new things to love and gets so infatuated with them. She never really loses interest in things but goes through points where that one thing is all she wants to wear, play with, and sleep with hehehe.
We didn't really decorate the house but a fun pink covered table and Happy B-day sign and some Hello Kitty balloons (which are still inflated) was enough.
Thank you to all our friends who could make it over to celebrate Skys b-day, we love you all!