Thursday, May 20, 2010

We are all better now :)

Boy did that last week take it out of me. I'm feeling much better (I can talk and swallow again) but I still feel a little drained of energy. Skyla is 100% and ready for summer. Justin is all better as well and Micks finger is back to a normal size hehehe.

Now we are just waiting for summer. The kids are going to do swim class again, then Justin will have a week of baseball camp and Skyla will be in a 5 week pre-K camp. The camps are just day camps but still Justin will be gone from 9am-3pm M-F, and Sky will be gone 8:30-11:30 M-TH. It will be fun for them (and me).

I still cant believe Skyla is gong to be in Kindergarten soon, its crazy to think about. Justin will be a 3rd grader WOW that seems so old all of a sudden.

I had a wonderful Mothers day. Mick spoiled me and got me a iPod touch (I think he just did it so he could have the old iPod all to himself now hehehe). Sky made me a cute card and a little pack of candy in Joy school. She even told me I didn't have to share the candy with her (hahaha she cracks me up), Justin made Mick go to Safeway and he picked out a really pretty orchid for me all by himself. I really did feel spoiled and loved on Mothers day.

On mothers day I also got to give a talk in church about Mothers and I really put a lot of thought and heart in to my talk, I also felt my talk was really guided by the spirit. Ever since then I have been reflecting on my role as a mother and how I am with my children. I feel so over whelmed and grateful that my Heavenly Father loves me so much that he gave me 2 beautiful children to raise here on earth and to be with for all eternity. My heart feel so full and I feel so loved that I just had to share how Much I love my family and how much I love my Heavenly Father.


Kathryn said...

glad to hear you guys are doing better! Oooo! An iPod touch! so fun :) You will love it.