Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hey Mickey

I love my hubby he is just wonderful. He has been really sick lately and still got up and went to work all week. Today (Sunday) was the first day in about 5 that he has felt good. So when me and the kids got home from church he had the dishes done and the house all clean.

Yesterday was a bad day the kids were crazy and Mick was grouchy and by 8pm I HAD IT. I went to go take a bath and about 3 min after being in there Mick came in with a bunch of candles lit set them up in the bathroom and turned off the light for me. He kept the kids out and I got to relax in the bath ALONE!!

He is such a sweet guy and I could not ask for more. Well today we were watching the VH1's 100 top 80's videos and guess what song was 50 something...... Yep "Mickey" by Toni Basil. SO in tribute to my wonderful hubby I figured how to add a play list and added a song just for him on here. Love you Mickey :) (he is going to kill me when he see's this LOL)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Toys Toys Toys!!!

I love Christmas and this year was the best so far with the kids. They both got the whole Santa thing and were so excited to go to bed last night it was so fun. Then to have them wake up early and see them get so excited over all the new things Santa brought them is just the best. I put some pics of some of the new toys they got. One thing Justin got was the HUGE hot wheels car T-rex thing. It has a mooter that spins this thing that shoots cars up the T-rex back (this thing is 28inch tall) and the cars land in his mouth. Then you hold a button and it shoots a car at the head and all the cars come flying out. Its shoots them so fast you cant even see them going up. I tried to get a video of it but it looks really bad (my camera is really old) but you get the jest of what it does.

Sky got some super girly things that she is just in love with. She got a fun dress up box with all kinds of things to wear (thanks Mom) and a nursery set for her babies. She loves it when its a high chair so she has been feeding her doll all day.

Hope you all had a great Christmas :)

Sorry the video is sideways I thought I could change it once I got it on the computer but I cant. Don't worrie its short LOL

Sunday, December 16, 2007


So the kids got to see Santa at our ward dinner Saturday night. I knew Justin would be fine, he has been waiting for months now to tell Santa what he wants.
Skyla was another story, she cried like crazy last year and she does ok with new people but I figured she would cry this time too.
Boy was I shocked when it was her turn to see Santa and she ran to him arms open ready to hug him. She has been talking about Santa and Christmas coming all day, she just loved seeing him.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I knew when my kids were born someday they would grow up. One day Mom and Dad wouldn't be so cool. Mom and Dad's opinion wouldn't matter as much as there friends. What Mom and Dad think about there action's wouldn't matter as much as what there friends think of what they did.

I guess I was hoping for this to happen sometime around 8-9 years of age but NNOOOO it has to happen now. OK so here is the story on Justin....

Last night we went up to the temple with The Ormsby family. It was really nice having both of our family's (yes Mick was there too and enjoying him self like never before) together at such a wonderful place. SO as most of you know and some of your kids do too Justin really looks up to Michel and Jarod. SO he trys to keep his cool for the most part and do what ever they are doing (good think there such good boy and set such good examples). So we watch the live nativity then head up to the temple to see the city lights. Some time wile we are up there Justin burns his arm on a light. I mean he got it good, there is a hug red welt and the whole thing blister up really good.

SO he does this and not ONE peep comes out of him. he doesn't cry doesn't even tell any of us he did this. So we leave the temple walk around a bit more then head home (about 35-40min later). We finally get home and Mick goes to help Justin take off his jacket when he starts crying. We ask him whats wrong and he shows us his arm. I just about died when i saw it and asked him what happened. Then after he tells us Mick asked him how come he didn't tell us when he did it and how come he didn't cry when it happened? Justin look sup at him and says "Dad I cant cry in front of my friends when I get hurt doing something dumb" I couldn't help but giggle at that one. So he tells us he knew it was hot and was just looking but lost his balance a little and his arm touched the light. He didn't cry cause he didn't want Michel and Jarod to see him crying and make fun of him (they wouldn't anyways but he was so worried about what they would think if he cryed). I cant believe My 5 year old is so worried about what others think all ready. I knew this day was coming but I don't think I will ever be ready for him to grow up.

Monday, December 3, 2007

IM so blessed

Going through Temple was one of the most amazing things ever. The things you see and hear and feel are just incredible. The best part was I got to share it with people I love dearly. Its been hard not having any family to share this with (mainly Mick) but my friends are more like family to me then most of my family is LOL. I am so blessed to have the friends heavenly father has given to me. Some of them are leaving and that's hard cause they mean so much. I'm sure there will be more moving in in no time at all and that's always nice to look forward to.

Being a member of the church really opens your eyes more to the beauty and gifts of this world, and I am more grateful now then ever that I get to be apart of it. I'm so excited that Amber (my best friend and Sister from another Mr. :p) was able to come down and go through temple with me. Her and her family have been such a big blessing in my family's life. They have been a wonderful example to us and I cant believe how much they can get Mick to come around.

Mick has for the passed year shown more and more interest in the church. He ask questions now and wants to do thing with us that are church related. Going to the temple Sunday night to see the Xmas lights was a big leap for him and it was just a wonderful blessing for our family. Justin was so excited to show his dad how wonderful Christ is and all the things the Savior did for us cause he loves us. Mick listened to everything Justin had to tell him and just ate it all up. I know someday my family will receive the blessing of Mick wanting to be baptized. Then the wonderful blessing of being sealed in the temple as a eternal family.

I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for my friends and there love. My family wouldn't be the family they are if it wasn't for my friends. My friends are the greats blessing in my life and I hope you all know that.