Monday, March 16, 2009

My new Baby

On Saturday Mick, Justin, Skyla and I all went out to go look for a new car. The kids were great but Mick and I were getting kinda bumbed cause we really wanted a SUV but our price range was more for a car. So we looked at some cars and where just about sold on a Ford but it hard more miles on it then we wanted and they were asking just a bit over what we wanted to pay.
Then out of no where the sales man who was helping us came out and said he had a SUV for us in our price range and wanted us to test drive it. Well Mick took it for a drive wile I took the kids potty. When he got back he was so excited about the car and we got it for the price we wanted!!

Say Hello to my new baby....... I LOVE IT!!! and having 2 cars is so great, I cant believe how long we went with only 1.
So here is the info.
2004 Nissan Xterra XE/SE
38,000 miles
4 wheel drive
Power everything
SUPER Clean inside and out
2 year bumper to bumper warranty
and we got it for $13,300 OUT THE DOOR!!!
Kelly blue book on it is $17,000, I think we did really good :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our new pets

Last Sunday I was really sick so we stayed home from church. Mick being the sweet hubby he is decided he was going to take the kids to the park to play. That way I would get some uninterrupted sleep and hopefully feel better. Well the park just wasn't enough (for Mick) so they took a trip to the pet store, and Here is what they come home with.......

Yep that's right 2 Hermit Crabs. The pet store has a huge section of crabs and Justin has always wanted one. So Mick told Justin he could get one and he picked out the biggest one they had.
Skyla wanted a cat, but Mick had to tell her no on that one. So he showed her the cute painted shell crabs and of course she pick the pinkest girlie-est one she could find.
Their low key low maintenance pets so its not so bad. The kids LOVE them (well Justin does, Sky could really care less) and they are pretty cool to watch.

Two very happy kids what more can you ask for :)


We got to go bowling with our good friends the Becks last Saturday. It was so much fun, kinda crazy with 5 kids and 4 adults but SO MUCH fun.

This pic is for you Melissa :) Isn't McKay the cutest thing, I have such a soft spot for this kid and his smile it gets me every time. Mick got the best score out of all of us.

Justin had a crazy throw but hay it worked he got a strike that night.
Sky had fun too but I think she was more excited about using a pink ball.

Getting a pic of all the kids wasn't you can see at least Jack sat still.
This was pretty much all Nate and Sky wanted to do all night.
Even McKay wanted to get in on the fun.

Ryan was there too I just didn't get a pick of him sorry Ryan :)
It was such a fun night I cant wait to go again.

Blue and Gold

Justin had his Blue and Gold dinner for scouts a few weeks back. He was so excited for it. Their den got to preform a skit and 2 knock knock jokes for all the parents.

Justin and his good friend A.J. The boys being presented with their badges (one was "duty to god" for going to church on scout Sunday....Justin was the only one who got that, and the other was for baking a cake all by himself.)

Each boy had to make a cake and decorate all by them selves, then they gave out awards for each cake. Justin won for craziest cake.

He is so excited cause he was also give his Tiger badge! he cant wait for graduation in a few month when he becomes a official Wolf.