Thursday, November 4, 2010


Never thought I would have to use that word to describe someone and really mean it. One of my "neighbors" is in short a nut job......No joke!

This person is bipolar, is borderline schizophrenia and has the beginning stages of dementia, and to top it all off refuses to take meds! SO when you combine all of this together you get... a 60+ adult walking around in nothing but a tee shirt and sunglasses yelling at them self. Yep that was all they had on and the tee shirt was not a long one ether.

On the plus side I'm really getting to know a lot of the officers that patrol our area and they are so nice and amazing people. I couldn't do their job.

So thank you to every police officer for keep us all safe and coming to our rescue when needed. Even when it involves a half naked old person :)