Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sky on the phone

I was talking with my Mom the other day on the phone, when Skyla asked if she could talk to her too. Sky LOVES to talk to my Mom. So I took a video of Sky talking with her. Its so funny she is all over the place when she talks, and still doesn't get that my mom cant see things she is showing her hehehe.

Here you go Mom this is what was going on on my end of your phone conversation.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Saturday we got to have "The Boys" with us for a few hours. Justin and Skyla LOVE their friends Jack, Nate and Mckay. I love all my friends kids but these boys have a special place in my heart.
Jack is the funniest kid and so grow up in such a little body. He is smart and has the best spirit about him you cant help but feel it when he is near.
Nate is the love bug he is always willing to give me hugs and tell me how much he enjoys my house, not to mention this kid has me in stitches all the time.
Mckay is my cutie pie. This little guy has the sweetest personalty and the sweetest smile. It melts my heart every time I see it. He is also a little stinker and loves to tease and play jokes, best part he's only 1 and a half and totally gets what he is doing.

So we laid out some blankets and pillows and got the kids settled in to watch a movie together. Jack was making a scary face at me but the TV caught his eye.

All together watching the move...........

Mckay was sitting at Justin's feet and started to tickle them.

Then when he wasn't getting a big enough reaction he got right in his face, and then kept blocking Justin's view of the TV. I love it hehehe.
Nate and Justin where having fun putting their hands up every time I tried to take a pic. This was the best I got.
It was a fun night!

Jelly beans yummy

We took the kids to the Jelly Belly factory last weekend. It was fun the kids loved seeing how the candy was made. The Easter bunny was there as well so we stopped in to take a pic..........

Yeah she wasn't the most friendly of Bunny's and both the kids were not impressed, if you cant tell hehehe. I love the look on Justin's face.

They loved the tour and really loved the hats you have to wear. Not to mention the free jelly beans.

It was a fun day all in all, cant ask for anything more.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go Bills

This pic is Just for you Mom and Mike!! Enjoy :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday JUSTIN!!!

Justin wanted a Pirate party this year and we had so much fun with it. We asked all his friends who could to come dressed up and just about everyone did. Swords included witch got taken away shortly there after. Yeah 16 kids armed in one small room not a good idea hehehe.

I was even able to get him a cool pirate cake. That was one yummy ship!

All of Justin friends.

Happy Birthday Justin!!

Baseball is here again!

I love Baseball and I love watching Justin play! This year he is on the Blue Jays and has 3 of his good friends with him on his team. The season started with our big parade then our team had one of the first games of the season right after that (lets just say the boys where pretty good for how tired they all where).

Justin and his new friend Cameron aren't they cute!
Justin loves to play and he is really good this year. He loves to practice with Mick and cant wait for his games. He also has a grate coach this year and of course the Team mom is just amazing. She is the best team mom ever!! I don't know how the team would survive with out her! OK I'm just kidding but I do think I'm a pretty cool team Mom :) Yep that's right I'm team mom this year and I love it. Our Team mom we had moved before the season started so I stepped up to do it. It so much fun!


The first grade classes have been hurting this year for supplies and money for field trips. So the teachers came up with a way to earn money and Justin had so much fun with it.

All 4 first grade classes had a Walk-a-thon. Each child collected donations or got sponsors who agreed to pay them so much money per lap. They did this on the black top at school witch is a pretty good size and they only had 30min.

Here is Justin on one of his many laps. Allot of people walked. The principle and office staff was out there. Some of the kindergarten teachers where out there, and all of the first grade teachers walked as well. Even some parents walked too.

I went to the school to help out marking the kids talley's, and making sure they all took water breaks. I had Skyla with me and she was itching to go play. On one lap Justin fell right as he got back to us, he skinned his knee a bit and had to sit out for a few minutes. His teacher and my friend Lisa where so nice that they asked the principle if Sky could walk some laps for Justin since he was now hurt and couldn't walk.

Lisa took Skyla with her and Skyla walked 3 whole laps!

After that Justin was fine and got back in to his walk-a-thon with more energy then ever. After it was all done and said Justin had raised $65 and completed 26 laps (the most out of his whole class). He also earned enough money to have a prize. He gets to have lunch with the principle (he is very excited about this).