Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swim Class

We put the kids in swim class again this year. It so neat to see how much they have learned and remembered.

Justin's confidence in the water has grown tons. This year in swim class he isn't scared to try anything and pretty much knows he can do it. He is learning all the technical parts of swimming like how to turn his head to breath how to place his arms and hands and different strokes.

I got some good pics of him in class, here is one of him waiting his turn....

and here he is doing the back stroke, this was a big deal for him cause last year he couldn't even float on his back.

Skyla is loving her class as well and is very confident in the water. She is learning how to put her face in the water wile swimming, and they are teaching her how to use her arms to swim forward and do the back stroke.

Swimming back from the deep end. They were jumping in and grabbing rings at the bottom.
Kick those legs.