Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Boy

Justin is one amazing little guy, Ok he's 10 now so not very little anymore but still. Anyways Justin has never really found that "thing" he's in too. He played baseball for a few years and loved it but then started to lose interest. He then joined Karate and that lasted about a year before he got board with that. Justin is perfectly fine staying home playing video games, but after a wile that gets boring for him too.

Its so hard to find something this kid can get in to. Skyla is the complete opposite, she loves the Drama and being on stage, she loves dance and singing. So plays and dancing is just the thing for her. Now that Sky and I are both in A Christmas Carol, I feel bad leaving Justin home with Mick every night............


........................I got an idea :)

Justin should audition and just try it.

The second I brought it up to him he snapped "NO MOM, I'm not going to be on stage!!! I don't like it!!"
Justin you have never done it how do you know you don't like it? Just try and see.

The poor kid was standing his ground, he flat out refused to do it. When Mick got home I brought it up to him to see what he thought, He agreed it would be a good experience for him and it would give him something to do. So mick and I literaly forced Justin to do something he didn't want to do. We told him he didn't have a choice, we didn't care if he was going to cry about it, he was going.

All 3 of us got in the car, and the whole way there I was giving Justin tips on what to expect and what they would want to see from him. When we got there he relaxed a bit and I introduced him to the Producer and she introduced him to the Director. They had him jump in with all of us with the music and as we started to learn some songs I could see Justin opening up and he was really enjoying it.

We got a small brake about 8:30pm and that was when they pulled Justin aside and had him read for them. He was in there about 10 min, when he finally came out. As soon as he saw me and HUGE smile came across his face and he ran over to tell me.....
"The asked if I wanted a part in the show"
ME: "What did you say?"
JUSTIN: "Yes of course, IM in the play mom!!!"
ME: "are you excited?"
JUSTIN: "YES very! thanks for bringing me mom, this is so fun."
ME: "Congrats baby, I'm so proud of you"

This morning Justin got ready for school as fast as I have every seen him, and was instantly reading his script, and working on some of the song we learned last night. Tonight is our next rehearsal and he cant wait. I'm so over joyed to be doing something I love with BOTH of my kids, and to see them enjoying it just as much as I do.

Who says forcing your kids to do things is a bad thing :)