Saturday, June 18, 2011

Its all over!!

School I mean. Sky has officially finished her first year of school and boy was it a fun amazing year. She LOVE'S her teacher, LOVES her friends she has made, and LOVES school.

They had a cute kinder play the day before school got out.
Sky waiting to sing and say her line....

Justin's teacher was really nice and let all the kids who had kinder siblings leave class to come watch the show. He was a pretty proud big brother :)
Here is Sky with some friends after the show....

The last day of school they got to wear their graduation caps and a good friend of mine made candy leis for the whole class. Vanessa was super sweet and got Sky and I these really pretty flower leis as well.
Here is the whole class with their awesome Teacher.....
Sky with some of her best buddy's......

And here is a pic of some of my new BFF's These are some of the awesome lady's I got to become really close with. You girly's rock!!
Ms. Cooper,
Thank you for giving Sky and Me one of the best school years ever. You have prepared her beyond belief for 1st grade, and really showed her a love for learning. I know all you have taught her will stay with her for the rest of her life. Thank you for teaching and loving my baby!

Not to forget Justin but he would not let me take a pic with him and his teacher, he is so shy sometimes. Ms. Grills has been one of Justin's favorite teacher so far and he was really sad to be leaving her class. He is also very excited by the fact he will be a 4th grader next year.....OMG when did this happen!!! He also likes to rub it in that he will be in J.R High in 3 years.
My babies are growing up FAST! but I feel so grateful that they have had some amazing teachers to help shape their lives.


Justin just finished his 4th year of baseball. Who know he would love the game so much that he still wants to play 4 years later.
Today was awards day and it was a bit more exciting then previous years. The division Justin played in this year keeps score and only 1st and 2nd place teams and All star kids get trophies. The younger divisions every player gets a tiny trophy and they don't keep score. This being Justin's first year keeping score was neat. It was fun seeing Justin's competitive side come out a bit. For the awards each team has a chance for each kid to run across the field and be recognized for their hard work, and the coaches get to name the All Star kids on that team.

Here is Justin's team waiting for each of their names to be called.

Justin's turn to come up........
Check out that grin!!! Justin's team is 2nd place in the division so he got a really cool trophy. He could not stop smiling hehe.
Here he his with his trophy :) its way bigger then the ones he has gotten before so he is pretty stocked about that. He had a long demanding season and it was really nice to see all that hard work pay off.
Good Job Justin!!! We have seen you be completely worn out balancing school, practice and games all season long, but through it all you never complained and always gave it your all. We are so proud of all your hard work. You deserve that trophy buddy!
We love you!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My New livingroom

So a wile ago I post a pic of my crazy torn apart living room. Well finally here is a pic of the walls we painted and the new floor.


I love my living room. We are looking for a new table and coffee table. I want to get black ones to match our shelves and fish tank. Some day we will get black lather couches too but till then I'M happy. I love my walls!!! We painted them antic copper. Its one amazing color and with the new wood floor its sweet.

My fave place......Mom's

I LOVE my Mom. I mean come on who doesn't love their Mom, but my Mom rocks! Her and I have not always had a "normal" relationship but we have a pretty amazing one now and I just love her to bits. Its really hard living all the way on the other side of the country from her. I wish my kids could go over her house everyday and we were able to have Sunday dinner each week, but we make it work the best we can with lots of phone calls and visits as often as we can. Maybe someday I can convince Mick we need to move out by her.

Any whoo....I'm SO excited cause in just 6 short days I get to hug my mom. The kids and I are taking a nice 8 day trip to my moms. I cant wait to just be with her, hang out, and enjoying each others company. I cant wait to see my step-dad Mike (he is one awesome guy) and my SUPER cute nephew Denny(who has a b-day tomorrow the big 2 hehe). It will be a fun trip, mom and mike have some really cool things planed for us and I'm just looking forward to being with them. I'll post all about our trip when we get back.