Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My New Boyfriend

I'm sitting at home watching TV when I hear a little knock on my door. I get up and open the door to only be swept off my feet by a VERY Handsome little man......... McKay has always been my little boyfriend. I just love this little guy and his cute sweet face.

How can you not be in love with this little guy. He even brought me flowers!!!
Thanks Melissa this totally made my day. I Love you Tay :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

BIG up date with lots of Pics and a video

This past week has been a BLAST! Not only did we have tons to do but the best part is I got to do it all with my Mom :) Mom came down and stayed with us for a week. It was so nice having her here, and the kids loved having their Nana sleep in their room.
Pics are not in order but that's ok....So we hit the Fair this weekend, Skyla was dancing at it and we had so much fun. Right by the stage was a photo both where they take those old western pics. Lets just say we had some fun with that.
Me, Mom and my Sister Nikki (we let Mom pic the outfits)
Justin, Skyla and my nephew Jessie (how cute are they!!!)

Here is Skyla waiting to go on stage in her cute Tap costume.
Here are all the girls with Dina (sky's dance teacher) waiting to do their jazz dance.
Dina picks out really cute costumes for the girls. This one is for the song "get on your feet"
Also this week was Sky's Birthday! When you ask her what the best part of her birthday was she says it was Nate being back home. Nate and Sky are too funny they call each other their Boyfriend and Girlfriend, and if you ask them why they both say "its because we love each other" hahaha where do kids learn this. Anyways our good friends the Becks have been visiting family in Utah for the passed month. Sky was having Nate withdrawals but was so excited to find out he was going to be back in time for her party.
Happy Birthday Skyla :)
After Justin's cool Pirate cake I had to get Sky a cute cake too, and I was not disappointed (ether was sky she loved it).
Another day we took off and hit San Francisco. Mom has not been there in a very long time and was craving some SF Sourdough bread (they don't have sourdough in the east coast)
We had a fun time at pier 39 checking out the sea lions
Shopping down the pier
and eating at our fave restaurant "Wipeout"
We had such a fun week, Thanks for hanging out with us Mom we miss you all ready.

Here is a video of Skyla doing her Tap dance "Penny a Kiss" its pretty cute.