Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zucchini Festival

Sky danced at the Zucchini Festival today and did such a good job. The stage was super tinny so the girls were a little to close but they did good. She only did one dance and was #2 so we were in and out in less the 30min It was nice :).

Skyla in "Everybody wants to be a Cat"

Happy Birthday.....

My b-day was last week on a weekday so Mick had to work, but my extended family made sure I had fun.
First we headed out to Coyote Hill for a nice walk.

Group shot....yeah we are a big family :)
Isn't it pretty here?
Shot of the kids. There are 15 kids + Noel.....I mean here are all 16 kids (hehe love you Noel).
It was so much fun on the walk. The best part was working up a appetite!
After our walk Kamie, Ann and I (we missed you Janeen) Took me out for Indian food. Noel was sweet enough to babysit all 15 kids wile us girls went out.

I had never had Indian food before so I was really excited to try it.
My best girls :)
We stared out with our drinks a Mango Lassi (its like sucking a mango through a straw) YUMM!
and Mulligtawny soup
Lamb Samosa where next OMG they are so yummy
Then we had some Lamb Vindaloo, A veggie dish in the other pot I don't remember the name and the bread is called Garlic Nan (I took that whole basket home and didn't share). It was some of the yummiest food I have ever had! I cant wait to go back or to order out :)
Thanks everyone for making it such a fun and yummy day Love you all LOTS!! :)

Pre-K Camp

Last week Sky finished her 5 week Pre-K camp that really help her get even more prepared for Kindergarten. She had so much fun and really love school and her Teachers.

Sky and her teacher Mrs. Cooper
The teaching assistance, Miss Laura and Mr. Salines

Here is a super cute and funny video of Sky and her class preforming a song they learned in class. Its about 2 min but really funny check it out.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why my dear tenants why?

Why my dear tenants why do you leave your trash everywhere? Do you not have any pride in your home?

Why my dear tenants why do you let your 2-9 year old children play outside, screaming and yelling at 10:30pm, till I come out and remind you AGAIN about the city curfew? Do you not have any respect for you neighbors who have to get up early for work the next day? Better yet why are your children not in bed?

Why my dear tenants why do you like to test me and see if I really will tow your car for parking where you shouldn't? HAHAHA at least you listened the first time I towed you :)

Why my dear tenants why do some of you make me hunt you down for rent? Was the letter you received at least 2 time a month for the past 5 months not clear? All though I do have to say you did act quick once you got the 3day notice, so thank you for that.

Why my dear tenants why do you shake out the dryer lint trap all over the floor? Is the big black garbage can with the sign "please place lint here" above it just not noticeable?

My dear tenants don't get me wrong I love my job, and to tell you the truth I get a good laugh when you get caught doing something and you get that "O Crap" look on your face. Its pretty funny hehe.

I know how much of a blessing to my family this job is and I thank my Heavenly Father for it everyday. I just wish some of you had more pride and respect and where more understanding of others and their feelings. O well maybe we can teach each other something.

O and thank you to all my lovely tenants who like to show how much you appreciate what I do by cooking me yummy authentic Filipino and Mexican food. You guys are the best and make my job just a little bit sweeter :)

I love my job!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Disneyland.... our other Home

Disneyland what can I say its our FAVORITE place to go to (besides my Mom's, love you mom).

Neither Mick or I got to go when we where kids, and we both grew up a 5 hour car ride away. So when we had our kids we decided that if we could, we would take our kids at least once every couple of years depending on how old they where and if we could afford it. Well we went for the first time in June of 2008 and have been 3x's in the past 2 years.

We fell in love with Disneyland!

We get to do everything as a family, The kids are tall enough to go on everything so no one has to sit out, there are 4 of us so everyone has a buddy, Sky and Justin LOVE thrill rids, and the Disney magic feeling is just amazing. We love going because it feels like a real escape from the world. Even though we only get about 5 hours sleep each night the whole time we are there, and we are walking around for hours everyday, it is our "Happiest place on earth" to be.

Non of us mind the car ride ether. Mick and I bring books to read, and lots of different music to listen too. the kids each get their own "car bag". In their bag I put coloring books, crayons, work sheets, books to read or look at, different snacks, they get to bring their DS's to play some video games, and some toys to play with. They also bring their pillows and blankets cause all kids know if you take a nap in the car it makes the trip seem shorter (hehe).

This year with our amazing blessing of a new job and no rent, we decide to splurge, and spoil our selves a little. We just bought Annual Passports to Disneyland! I cant tell you how excited I am. We leave for our first trip on the 25th of this month, then we are planing on going back in October for Halloween. After that its pretty much when ever the mood hits hehe. I really enjoy Disneyland and all the fun family memories we are creating every time we go.


Sklya is 5 years old!!!!

My sweet baby girl is officially a school age child. Sky turned 5 in July and we celebrated by having a fun Hello Kitty swim party. Had some good friends over for some cake, then hit the pool for a few hours.

Isn't the cake super girly? I love it! so did Sky which is all that matters, she is Hello Kitted out right now. I love how she finds new things to love and gets so infatuated with them. She never really loses interest in things but goes through points where that one thing is all she wants to wear, play with, and sleep with hehehe.
We didn't really decorate the house but a fun pink covered table and Happy B-day sign and some Hello Kitty balloons (which are still inflated) was enough.
Thank you to all our friends who could make it over to celebrate Skys b-day, we love you all!