Saturday, November 29, 2008

I LOVE "Twilight"

As Most of you know I'm a HUGE "Twilight" fan. I LOVE the books and was way excited for the movie. So I finally got to go see the movie on Wednesday the day before thanksgiving with a bunch of my fun girly friends. We had such a blast. The movie totally did not disappoint, it was GREAT! It was so great that Mick took me to see it again Friday night and I might even go back this fri to see it a 3rd time.
Also if you have not heard the sound track you have to. There is so much great music on there I just love.
Cant wait for "New Moon" to come out. I'm so excited they are doing it I hope they do all 4 books in to movies.

O and YES Edward is really HOT all the vampires are really good looking, maybe that's why I like the movie so much? :P

Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm a really Lucky Mom. I have 2 wonderful kids, they are a true blessing each and everyday. I'm also a Lucky Mom cause at 6 and 3 years old I can still get them to take naps :)

Lately though Skyla has been fighting taking a nap, so the passed few day I have let her stay up and needles to say by 5pm we are fighting with her to stay up till bedtime at 8pm. Even if this Girl gets a 10min cat nap at 5pm its all over she can be up till midnight with no problem.

Today she had Joy school and was up and out most of the day. When we finally got home at 1:30pm she asked right away if she had to take a nap. I told her No she could stay up. About 15 min later I realised it was really quiet in the living room so I went and checked on her and this is what I found........

I couldn't help but laugh and get the camera to take a pic. At least she cant get made at me. I didn't make her take a nap she did that all on her own :)
On a side note: MAN she has some long legs!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Apparently the stomach flu is going around and we got it! Me and Justin both got it Tue and Wed then poor Skyla got it last night. Now we are just trying to stay away from Mick so he doesn't get it. These are times I wish we had 2 bathrooms.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall time in New England

My Mom took pics of her big tree in her back yard for me. That way we could see it change colors during the Fall (Thanks Mom they are great). I got to see some color when I went out there in Sept to visit but MAN are the colors pretty when it all goes!

Here is the what it looked like when i was out there. Here is what it looks like when its all changed! Its so pretty.

On a side note isn't her back yard HUGE! I love it at my Moms house :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tiger Cub

Justin had his Cub Scout meeting not that long ago and was so excited. He has done A LOT for scouts and really Love's being involved with it. He is a Tiger cub and just Loves it.
At this meeting he got presented with his Bobcat badge, Tiger totem and beads for each Den activity, family activity and elective he has completed. As you can see from the pics he has done a lot he got 9 beads.

Justin and his friend AJ have also completed the most electives in their pack so they got marked with the scout colors for there good achievements.

I'm so proud of my little scout :)

Getting ready for winter

For my Birthday gift my Mom and Mike got me a Knifty Knitter loom's. They are so much fun! The first thing I made was myself a scarf and I love it. Its great for the cold early mornings when we have to take Mick to work during the week (at 6:30am its pretty cold). After I finished mine I really wanted to make some for the kids. I took both of them to the craft store and let them pick out what type of yarn they liked. For Skyla's I found these really cute charms you can add on to your knitted projects. I think I did pretty good, but most of all the kids LOVE their things (which is why I made them in the first place) Justin picked this stretchy black yarn which is good cause it doesn't feel tight around his ears which has been a problem with store bought hats (poor kids has his dads ears hehe) But its really warm and hold heat in like crazy.

Sky picked out this super thick fluffy Pink (of course would it be any other color) yarn. Her hat and scarf are super thick but really soft. Look close at her hat and you can see her puppy and dog bones on it.

Trick or Treat

This Halloween was so much fun! Here are the kids with full make up, I love how it came out :) We got Justin fake facial hair and he love it. I also added some of my dark eyeshadow around his eyes to give him a more dirty mean pirate look.

Skyla was fun I just really over did her make up Mick was cracking up at her 80's style dark blush.

Trick or treating was so fun this year. The kids got to go up to the doors by them selves this year and Skyla was not scared of anything. Justin was a little more hesitant at some of the really decked out house's but Sky would just remind him that there was candy waiting.
We had a blast even walking the half mile back to our car in the poring rain was fun. Yes it rained on Halloween. We got a good 2 hour block from about 6-8 with no rain (just enough to trick or treat) then it started poring. It rained all day Saturday too.
Now time to plan Thanksgiving.