Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Me (caution, this is a sappy, whiny post hehe)

About a month ago I had my hair permanently straighten (think about a perm but instead of making your hair curly it makes it straight). It took 4 hours but was SOOOO worth it. Mick loves my hair long but I cant stand it. Just about anyone who knows me has pretty much only seen my hair short. Mick and I made a deal through, if I got my hair straightened and I liked it then I would let it grow out more, well......

My hair is now almost to the middle of my back and I LOVE it. I wake up and its straight I don't really have to mess with it. I leave it down all the time now but once in a wile I like a cute pony tail. I'm so happy with my hair and to tell you the truth its made me feel better about Me.

This probably sounds so self centered but lately I have been thinking a lot about myself. I have been working on "Me" for a wile now, just trying to be happy with my self and enjoy all the little things of my life. Ever since I took this step back I have found some wonderful and scary things.

1) I really do have some anxiety about turning 30.
Why, I have no idea, I never thought it would be a big deal (and for the most part it isn't) but for some reason its bugging me a bit. I still have a year to go (Aug 2011 the big 3,0) so I don't know why its nagging at me now and I don't even really know why its bugging me.

2) I feel out of place with some of my friends, Most of my friends are having baby's or are going to have another baby in the next year or two or have really small kids, and I'm getting ready to send my baby off to elementary school. No more Super Franks or park days anymore its now school projects and field trips.

3) I'm excited for a new life with "Older kids". Skyla and Justin are so fun to take to amusement parks and no one has to sit out on rides cause they are tall enough to ride everything. We have sports and dance and its so much fun. They can go to the potty by themselves. I don't have to go in the same stall as them any more. They can relay their feeling and tell me exactly what they want. Best of all their good kids, they make good choices, and make me smile everyday.

4) I'll have time to work on me and do the things during the day that "I" want to do, and I wont have to walk as fast as I can from one side of target to the other to reach the bathroom before someone pees their pants (unless I'm having a really off day hehehe).

My life is fun, crazy, adventurous, scary, joyful, and filed with lots of love and I'm glad I have taking the time to sit back and see how much I truly have and feel the joy of being so grateful for it. My husband and kids are the loves of my life and all 3 of these people make me who I am.

I'm loving my life and the people who make it up......and my new hair!


Natalie said...

Christal, you're awesome. Really. I love being around you. You can still hang out with us "younger kid" moms at the park, too. I think most moms would appreciate more "me" time, so take advantage of your new "older kid" mom life!!

Kathryn said...

I love this post! Everything you said is perfectly fine. I think there are things to enjoy about every stage of life, so just enjoy it! And I agree with Natalie, I'm sure the younger kid moms still want to hang out with you!

Beck Family said...

So fun to see your hair down. You do look beautiful!! And I bet you have less neck problems too! And um, I'm totally jealous of the older kid life. Those quick runs to the bathroom and dealing with diapers is so not fun - totally worth it- but not fun. And uh, yeah, don't stop hanging out with the young kid moms because you have older kids You gotta keep getting your baby fix - especially since you're such a great baby holder. I'm so glad your happy! No one deserves it more.