Friday, January 29, 2010


I know my blog has been uneventful but our lives has not. To be honest I have just been lazy about blogging.

Ok so here are some new things going on with us.

Justin: Has been growing up like crazy lately. He is in to fixing his hair everyday now and making sure he looks "cool" for school. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact a girl in his class told him he was handsome and she kinda has a crush on him? hhhhhhmmmmmm I wonder? hehehe. Also he has lost his top front tooth and has the funniest cutest smile right now. He is also getting ready for baseball to start again and really excited to be in his Auntie Nene's (my sister Nicole) wedding.

Skyla: is a dancing and singing machine right now. She LOVES music and cant seem to get enough of it. She is having lots of fun in her dance class and is completely infatuated with Michel Jackson. She is doing wonderful in Joy school and talked about starting kindergarten everyday. She is also growing like crazy she is so tall its crazy.

Mick: is doing grate he is still working his butt off but hopefully that will change as we had a interview and might be the next Managers for the apartments where we live. Thanks to Melissa and Ryan for pushing for us we feel we pretty much have the job but are still waiting for a solid answer. As soon as we get it Mick is gong to look for a new job with normal hours. At least this way he will be home more and less stressed out.

Christal: is crazy!!!! The biggest thing for me right now is IM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!! Im taking online classes to get my Associates in elementary education then I will go for my Bachelors in Liberal arts and look forward to the day that I will be a Kindergarten teacher. Im really excited/nerves and am looking forward to a new challenge. Im still dancing too and LOVE it Im also still working as a LPS at Justins school and helping out in his class 2 days a week. Im also helping with my little sisters wedding and planning a party for her (dont worrie im being nice and keeping it clean hehehe). Im also very happy for my Mom and Mike. They are getting my nephew Denny (my brothers little boy) my mom is in Montana right now picking him up. They get to foster him till all the court stuff is done then they are going to adopt him. I also got a new calling at church Im the 2nd counselor in the Young woman's presidency. So I now have ALLOT of things to do for church. The best part is being with these young women. These girls amaze me each and every day and I just love them to death.

Its a crazy busy time of life right now but SO MUCH good is coming out of it and i feel very blessed and loved. Life is good :)