Monday, July 28, 2008

Pampered Chef

I LOVE PAMPERED CHEF!!!! I can look through their catalog all day. SO as most of you know I have decided to become a consultant again. I love their products and use them all the time. Its easy for me to talk about and since I have done this once before I know a little more about how to go about selling it again. The best part for me this time is its just something fun for me to do. Yes the money will be nice don't get me wrong but what I really want is the free products!

I cant believe how much stuff they have out now and even more is coming out in Sept. So if any of you would like to do a show (I can do catalog shows for those who are far or out of state) just let me know. OR if you are looking for some extra money (or just want the product really cheap) and think this might be something for you let me know that too.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tagged : All about Boys

Just for you Kati....

1. What is his name? Leslie Aroujo Rogers III, but he goes by Mick.

2. Who eats more? Mick does. Yeah you cant tell since I'm the one who struggles with weight and he's a bean poll, but he does eat way more then I do.

3. Who said, "I love you" first? I did and I'm glad I did cause he told me he had been wanting to say it but all his friend were telling him not to (he's not friends with them anymore).

4. Who is taller? Mick by 13 inches

5. Who is smarter? I have to go with Kati's answer to this one.That's a tough one. I think it depends on the day. Some days I can be a total space-cadet and Mick has to remind me of reality. Other days, I feel like I have 3 young kids in the house who needs me to tell them how everything works and where their socks are.

6. Who is more sensitive? Me! Mick is really mellow and doesn't let things get to him.

7. Who does the laundry?Both of us (once I taught him how to do it)

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do, witch is nice cause Micks side is closer to the door so the kids wake him up in the middle of the night now :)

9. Who pays the bills? Me, Mick will admit he doesn't even know how much anything cost.

10. Who cooks more? Me I do just about all the cooking, but Mick can pull a quick dinner together if he has to.

11. Who is more stubborn?MICK!!!

12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Me and I'm the first to say sorry to, just so we will stop fighting even if I'm right.

13. Who has more siblings? We have the same 3 kids on both sides, but he has 2 sisters and is the baby, and I have a brother and sister and am the oldest.

14. Who wears the pants in the relationship? I so do! I'm the one to make sure the house runs and everyone gets to where they need to be. Mick even laughs and says he just brings home the money I do everything else.

15. What do you like to do together? Go out to dinner or see a movie, we even enjoy nights home alone. We love to play games together and just be close. We don't get much time with out the kids but we both love taking them all over and having them experience life to the fullest.

16. Who eats more sweets? Mick that guy has a bad sweet tooth.

17. Guilty Pleasures? Watching Football and playing fantasy Football.

18. How did you meet? At a party of a friend of a friends

19. Who asked whom out first? Mick did it was 4 days after we meet and he took me to a Kid Rock concert.

20. Who kissed who first? That was all ME :)

21. Who proposed? Mick did it went something like this.

Mick: Hay lets got to he mall

Me: OK for what?

Mick: I want you to pick out your wedding rings

Me *not surprised cause we were just talking about this the other day* "OK"

We get to the mall I pick it and Mick buys it and tells me he isn't asking now he is going to do it later. We get to the car and he says "Well?"

Me: Well what?

Mick: Just say yes *hands me the box with my ring in it*

Not romantic at all but still cute.

22. His best features and qualities? Features: Lips! I love Micks lips and His Eyes. Qualities: He is very understanding and Loving, I have lots of hobbies and love to go out and do girly things, he is just wonderful about it.

23. Tag you’re it. Who do you tag? How about Amber, Sarah C. and Melissa S.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Huge Veggies

My good friend Nicole has a garden in her backyard. This girl doesn't just have a green thumb she has a green body. She can grow just about anything and it comes out beautiful and Huge. Well she has told me about her zucchini this year that they have gotten huge. So she called tonight and asked if she could swing by to bring us 1 yes just 1. When I told Mick she was coming by to drop 1 off he laughed and said "what is 1 going to do". Well when this came though the door his mouth dropped and lots of Thank you's came out hehehehe. I put it by the key broad so you guys can get a idea of how huge this thing is, also its about as round as a 2 liter of soda. Mick started laughing and ask how are we going to eat all that and of course I made fun of him and said "what is one going to do". Good thing the who family loves zucchini and I have some ideas for this bad boy. Thanks Nicole :) O and I should mention this isn't the biggest one her biggest is twice the size.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Skyla

Skyla is 3 years old! I still cant believe it, well we had a fun party all of our best buddy's were there. What better way to celebrate then to pack your house full of people and eat cake. Of course the birthday girl has to sit right in the middle of the room :P Sky is so girly I just love it! This year she wanted a princess party complete with a cake to match.

She just had to sing "Happy Birthday" to herself too.

Blowing out her candles is her favorite part.
After cake we headed out to go swimming. It was not that warm but the kids didn't care. Sky got a new towel for her birthday, Disney princess of course complete with a hood with a crown on top.
O and if you have not met her yet this is Alyssa (aka Kapo). This is Skyla's best buddy and partner in crime. I'll post more about them two later.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girly Girl's

I heard of this place called "Club Libby Lu's" we have one right at stoneridge mall, there is one at Disneyland too. Anyways it a Little girl store and dress up center. The girls get there hair, make up (very light eye colors and lip gloss with glitter in it) and nails painted. Then you get to pic what activity you want them to do. Its so much fun and the girls went crazy in there (not to mention us moms found TONS of stuff we wanted to buy). If you have never taken your little girl/girl's there you have to try it.
This was a birthday present for skyla (he birthday is next week all ready) so we got some friends together and had a Mother/Daughters night out.

Here are the girls from Left to Right Alexia, Skyla and Alyssa waiting there turn. Here is Sky getting her hair done

Nothing like Lots of hair spray with glitter in it
The end result

It was really cute you sign the girls up to be V.I.P.'s (its free and you get coupons) and they get a bracelet with lots of charms and every time you come back you get a new one too add on.
As we waited for the other girls to get done with their hair Skyla found something to keep her self busy.
Singing is more fun with friends!
Now its time for the Make up
And nothing tops off a look like glitter tattoo stickers by your eyes
Lexi and Sky getting tips on how to put on there make up.
Lexi is a little vain can you tell :)
Alyssa and her fake long hair would not leave the Ducks alone.
Then they got to go to the Pooch Parlor and pic out a new stuffed animal, a T-shirt for there pet, Collar with I.D. tag and Carrying bag.
They are ready to go now, Pet included!
After that we changed out of our dress up cloths and Sky could not help but shop more.
Then we had to walk through the mall to go have dinner at Fresh Choice.
Its up stairs so we had to take the elevator. Sky had to push the button cause the other girls were to short.
Libby Lu's was so fun check out there web site and take your girly girls there you will have a blast.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pic Tag

I Thought Sarah C.'s post on the Pic tag was cute so I decided to do it.

My Dream vacation.....
This city has always been one I have dreamed of seeing.

My sink right now is clean (Thanks sweety for doing the dishes last night) O yeah and for those of you who dont know that white thing the dishes are sitting in that called a "Dish Drain" it what people used hundreds of years ago before dish washers were made (hehehehe) I know how sad we dont have a dish washer. Needles to say that what Im asking for for my B-day.

My sad fridge it needs food LOL, and yes thats a box of beer in my fridge its Micks. He bought it about 4 months ago and I think only 6 (cause one of his friends had a few) have been drunk. It will go bad before it gets drunk witch is a good think but WASTE OF MONEY!!!

My FAVORITE pair of shoes!!! These are so comfy, badly worn but I still love them.

SO I wanted to show you my closet but I have to give you the whole story. The closet doors we broken when we moved in so we had them taken off. We got so used to not having them that we asked the Owner to not fix them till we move. So this is what is in my bedroom closet. Yeah I know I need to make my bed.

Where are our cloths you ask........

See my kitchen to the left and that door in my living room to the right well guess whats in there.....

Yep just about anything including Mine and Micks cloths, Holiday decorations, luggage set, beach things, pool toys, vacuum, Iron and ironing broad, stroller, big bouncy balls and both of the kids bikes. I have learned how to pack a closet VERY well. The best part.....we can still get to everything easily.

What we look like right now (- Mick he is at work)

I love my kids their so much fun :)
SO as far as tagging anyone.....If you read this then you have to do it!