Friday, May 30, 2008


Mike is my mom's boyfriend, as far as I'm concerned I call him my step-dad and he ROCKS! He is sweet, loves Justin and Sky to death and boy do they love him. He is very caring and would do anything for Me and my family. That makes me love him that much more!

At first I was not very nice to him (sorry mike) but he forgave me and we have a pretty cool relationship. Justin gets mad at me when I call him Mike and not dad (he think he is my dad cause he is with Nana so yeah he has to be, and that's something we decided Justin will figure out when he is old enough to do math :) )

SO that is about Mike. I felt I had to give him his own post since I forgot to give him credit about getting Me a web cam and he yelled at me about it. Love you Mike :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The dancing Fish

Justin had his Spring play at school today. It was really cute and pretty funny. For being 5 and 6 year old's they did a great job. I was able to video tape it so Mick could see it (thanks so much Melissa for letting us borrow your video camera and getting me this clip). SO Justin's part was a fish and they had to sing and dance. When I saw him do it, I was so proud cause he was not scared at all to do it in front of people. You even see a smile before he dances, that's the smile he gets before he does something that he is excited about and has kept it a secret. I'm so proud of him he has worked so hard and has done a great job.

The clip below is of Justin's dance. When I saw this I just about peed my pants. It was so funny, I hope you enjoy it :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Paperback Swap

If you have not heard of you have to check it out! My friend Natalie told me about it and I'm hooked on it now. Its such a nice easy way to get new books with out spending alot. They even have a CD and DVD swap too. SO far I have spent $6.45 (shipping for 3 books I have that other people want) but I'm getting 5 books (for free) from other people on there. I'm so excited now I can get rid of all these books I don't want and still get something for them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My mom is so cool! She just got Her and I webcam's and mine just came yesterday. Its the coolest thing ever!!! If you don't have one you have to get one. You can call people through Yahoo messenger (or any other IM) and you can see and talk to them.

Justin and Skyla LOVED being able to talk and see their Nana last night. They were showing her all kinds of stuff it was really cute. They even asked to see her dog (Maggie, it was cute she tried to lick the screen).

Also there not that much the one my mom got (in the pic above) was only $53.00. It takes pics and has a built in microphone, the video is a little delayed but pretty fast, and there is all kinds of stuff you can do with it. This is a must for those who have family and friends far away, easy and fun way to keep in touch.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Mom

She is probably going to kill me for this but I don't care :)

As most of you know I didn't live with my Mom when I was a kid, my dads parents raised me. I never really had a close relationship with my mom, and at the time it was hard to understand her choices. Now that I'm older and have kids of my own I can see why she did what she did. She had to keep me safe and the only way she could was to leave me behind. She had a lot of soul searching/growing up to do and didn't know how to do it and was getting herself in to sticky situations. I know now that the last thing she wanted to do was drag me along through all her mistakes. She had it ruff as a kid and had a mom who was not forgiving and down right mean. I'm sure not having anyone to fall back on, to look to for advice or help is a big reason why she made the mistakes she made in her life.

I'm grateful for what she did now by leaving me with my grandparents. As hard as it is to think of all the years I didn't have her, and all the nights I wanted her there, and all the times I cried myself to sleep thinking about her, I'm so grateful for the decision she made. I know it could not have been easy and knowing I didn't understand why I'm sure didn't make it any easier.

My moms birthday is today (Happy Birthday MOM) and mother day was just on Sunday, so these 2 days so close have had me thinking a lot about her (not to mention she is all the way in Connecticut and I cant even give her a hug today). My mom is one of the FUNNEST people you could ever meet. She is funny, is always happy, outgoing and loves to just explore and try new things. She is loving, smart, crafty and unbelievably thoughtful to others. She loves people and making new friends and the best part is she is the worlds BEST Nana ever. Justin is so close to her even though he has only been able to see her in person a few short times. Skyla just adores her Nana (and papa too, sky is a Daddy & Papa's girl) but she loves her Nana and will talk forever on the phone with her if I let her. We are getting web camera's soon so my mom can see and talk to the kids and I over the Internet and I can already hear the arguments me and Sky are going to have over this LOL. Even though we are 2000+ miles apart these kids are spoiled by her.

Me and my mom have gotten really close over the past few years. I'm so grateful to have her in my life. She is one of my best friends and I'm so glad I have been proven wrong about one thing. I never though I would have a close Mother-Daughter relationship with my mom but I do! Probably more then I realize. Knowing this make me even more grateful for the church in my life cause now I have the unmoving truth that I will get to have my mom with me and my family forever.

Happy Mother's day and Happy Birthday Mom. I love you more then you know.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Six Flags

We took off to Six Flags (Marine world for us who remember when it was called that) and had such a blast! The kids were so well behaved, it was a nice day weather wise, not to many people, and the best part we had money to have fun with LOL.

The Kids loved taking pics today with any character they could find.
Mick even got in to the mood to have his pick taken (yes he is picking that dolls nose)

We had so much fun on the rides, Sky is tall enough to go on everything this year. We even got to let then go on somethings alone. It was nice to sit and relax wile the kids went on ride.

This one I had to go on with them, and here is Mick waving to us (kinda high for a kids ride huh?)

They built a Thomas the Tank engine area and of course the kids went crazy over it. They got to see all there favorite charters and take a pic by Thomas himself.

Then we had some fun letting them get their faces painted. Skyla loves putting on makeup and she sat so still wile the girl did hers and it came out really pretty. Justin has never wanted his face painted so I was kinda shocked over what he picked out.

See what I mean :)

He looks so cute and boy did we get lots of complements over how cute they looked all day. Skyla of course loved the attention and Justin just acted like he was to cool to notice LOL.
Then we hit the game area before we left and the kids got lots of fun prizes.
All in all we had a great day we even made it back in time to hit the Ward dinner at our church (wooohoo I didnt have to make dinner after that whole day out). I love my family and Im so excited for all the fun things we get to share.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The things kids say

I know all kids have their share of funny things they say, all but Skyla. Skyla has never really said anything funny (like Tucker, that boy is too funny). She see things and will talk about them but never really makes up her own reasoning as to why it does what it does........Till today (witch shocked me and had me cracking up).

Today at Noon as the Emergency sirens (witch is by the fire station right out in our parking lot) was going off for its monthly check Skyla came up with this......

Sky "Mommy what it that?"
Me "that's just a siren it will go off in a minute"
Sky "no its not that's a Fireman screaming"
Me "O really?"
Sky "yeah and he is loud, I cant hear anything cause my nose is running"
Me in tears cracking up :)

Later on.....

Sky "mommy my leg hurts"
Me "Why does your leg hurt? Did you hit it?"
Sky "No it hurts inside cause it needs a cookie"

I know these are probably funnier to me then you, but those of you who really know Sky and how grown up she has always been. This is something new for her and I just love it :)