Friday, June 25, 2010

Baseball Awards

Justin finished his 3rd year of baseball. This year was a lot different from T-ball the past 2 years. It was way more intense, serious, and demanding, but Justin loved every minute of it and grew from this new found maturity of the game. He had practice 1-2 times a week plus 2 games a week. Each team has about 3 pitchers and the kids pitched to the batters. There were way more real rules of the game enforced so it was a bit more challenging but fun. Justin had a good amount of really good hits ( this kid can hit far!). He also had a few really good plays, and by the end of the year he could catch anything thrown at him.

With the kids pitching its a bit hard for them to control the ball some times and Justin did get hit by a few balls wile up at bat. The worst was a fast ball he took right in the ribs HARD. He had a good bruise from it and we were almost worried he might have a cracked rib because he was saying it hurt to breath. We gave him some children Advil and a Ice pack, and the next day he was fine, just a big bruise.

He had some great coaches this year and we are sad to see them all leave (their kids are moving up next year). Hopefully he gets really good coaches again next year that are willing to work with him as much as these 3 did.

The 2010 Redwings

Justin holding up his trophy