Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We Carved Pumpkins on Wednesday night. It was really fun (I love the holidays) the kids did most of the work getting all the guts out witch was really nice I think we are going to start doing that from now on. They insisted on me cooking the seeds for them so I did. Justin LOVES pumpkin seeds (who knew). Justin and Skyla both wanted to draw their own faces for their pumpkins. Skyla of course got a little help but we let Justin completely do his on his own. I help skyla carve her's wile Mick watched Justin do his. Yep he is getting older, Justin got to carve his whole pumpkin all by himself this year. And I think he did a awesome job :)

Some updates:
If you cant tell from this pic Skyla is getting HUGE!! We just weighed and measured her and Justin. Skyla is now only 4 inches shorter then Justin and they both weight the same (40lbs). Poor Justin I think his "little sister" is going to pass him up soon. AT least when we go to Disneyland in March Sky will be tall enough to go on all the coasters this time.
Justin is doing really well in school. Once again Math is his strong subject and he loves it. He is also reading like crazy and really learning to love writing his own stories. His Top front teeth are getting loose ( I cant wait for pics of that) His bottom front adult teeth have come in and mine and Micks fears are coming true. Justin has a small jaw like Mick does and his teeth wont have enough room. The dentist said don't worry about it till he is about 10-11. Then he will more then likely need braces.
Skyla is doing great, she is loving Joy school and learning so much. She wants to do homework like Justin so we got her a spelling book. We write words down for her and she traces them, I think in the next few months she will be able to write her name by herself. She LOVES dance class and has made a new friend too. She is all ready getting her Christmas list going. Every toy commercial she sees you ether hear a yes or no when its done or a "O mommy I'm asking for that one". Its really funny cause she wants everything and she also has some expensive taste.
Have a Happy Halloween and a safe Trick or Treating night.


Kate said...

That's really great news about Sky and Justin...I look forward to hearing more about them.

Have a great Halloween. It should be nice around here. We don't get that many to our house but that's okay.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad Skyla was doing better and didn't miss Halloween.