Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gas is cheap?

No really it is! On Stephanie's blog I saw that she said she went to Costco and was shocked that gas was only $2.79. Well when I heard that I decided to get gas there this week cause the 76 next door to me was asking $3.36.
Once I got to Costco yesterday I realized I forgot my Costco card so I couldn't get gas. I decided to go back this morning and made sure I remembered it. As we left this morning I spotted the sign for 76 and gas was down to $3.19 (not bad I haven't seen it that cheap in a long time).
We got to Costco and I just about passed out from shock. Gas was down to $2.55!!! It dropped AGAIN by a huge $0.24, and was now a $0.64 cent difference then where we normally go.
Now if only everything else would go down :) (yeah I know that's asking to much hehehe)