Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

This Halloween was so much fun! Here are the kids with full make up, I love how it came out :) We got Justin fake facial hair and he love it. I also added some of my dark eyeshadow around his eyes to give him a more dirty mean pirate look.

Skyla was fun I just really over did her make up Mick was cracking up at her 80's style dark blush.

Trick or treating was so fun this year. The kids got to go up to the doors by them selves this year and Skyla was not scared of anything. Justin was a little more hesitant at some of the really decked out house's but Sky would just remind him that there was candy waiting.
We had a blast even walking the half mile back to our car in the poring rain was fun. Yes it rained on Halloween. We got a good 2 hour block from about 6-8 with no rain (just enough to trick or treat) then it started poring. It rained all day Saturday too.
Now time to plan Thanksgiving.