Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skyla Girl

As many of you know Sky has been having some skin problem's. Mainly around her mouth and on her right arm in the crease where she bends her elbow. We have notices around her mouth gets really bad when she eats anything with tomato's in it, or tomato's them selves. Well now it has been happening alot more and now her arm is doing it. We took her to the Doc and they assumed it was some type of food allergy.

Good news from the Doc she has NO food allergies! She is also not allergic to Dog's, cat's, mold, perfumes or cockroaches (ewwww had no idea there was a test for that). BUT she does have eczema, Tomato's seem to really irritate the eczema around her mouth and chin so we should keep her away from that as much as we can. Besides that she is fine. They did give us a endless prescription for this medicated hydrocortisone cream we can us on her and said to just give her benadril at night if it gets really bad. I'm just grateful its not something more.

Now we just have to watch it and make sure we put the cream on it (mainly her face) when it acts up cause it can scare. Raising kids what an adventure.


Natalie said...

Good news, bad news right? My little sister has had eczema her whole life, and I think she had a perma-perscription for hydrocortizone, too. If you don't feel comfortable putting a steroid cream on her every day, Eucerin works well to keep it moisturized when it's not flared up badly.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, Caleb has eczema too. We use eucerin in conjunction with Elidel. Elidel is a non steroid prescription cream which helps his skin when its oozing. Every once in a while he needs the strong stuff with steroids but not very often. Just something to think about.