Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hula Baby

Sky has a big dance show coming up this Sat. She is so excited cause so far at all the shows she has only been doing 1 dance (twinkle little star its a tap dance). This one is such a huge thing that she will be doing 3 dances. Twinkle little start is one, then she will be doing her new dance that we just got the costume for Hula Baby (I'm sure Auntie Kami loves this one), then the whole dance studio does a big final number together called "All for one".

I love this costume it so cute!!! Mick pulled the total Dad card tonight when I tried it on her LOL. Fist it was "is she going to wear anything under her skirt cause you can see her panties?" Me: Yes hun she will have on a pair of shorts under. Then I got "is that the top?" Yep "but its just a fake coconut bra" Yeah I know "that's all she is wearing.......I don't know if I like that" Mick its a hula dance she looks like a hula girl and its cute. She is still little it doesn't matter at least she is covered. "Yeah I guess at least its a short song" :P such a Dad!


Sarah Junsay said...

Very scadalous! Love the outfit!! Super cute!

Savages said...

The were soooo cute last night! Thanks soooo much again for helping out with my little Lia Belle and Jaycie!! I felt completely comfortable with leaving them back there with you, otherwise I would've been nervous the whole show!!