Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holiday time is here!

Aaawwww my favorite time of year is here at last. Oct-Dec are my favorite months. The world just seem different and everyone has a happier step to their stride.
Well with Christmas right around the corner now is the time to plan for me. My Mom found this great web site it has so much to do. There are things for the kids, they can write a e-mail to Santa and he even wrights back. There is also Mrs Claus's kitchen and that thing is LOADED with recipes.
One of the things I got off for the kids are "Good Deeds Calender" I got them for Oct, Nov and Dec up till Christmas. It has a list of things the kids should do everyday (it all things they usually do everyday anyways). I changed a few things to fit better with my kids (for Justin instead of chores I put homework), but its a fun way for them to see how good they are being. I told Justin and Sky that Santa e-mailed it to me, cause with all the kids in the world he needs some help keeping track of who is really nice, and who isn't doing what they should. SO every night we mark off their boxes and if there is something they forgot boy do they run and do it LOL. Also I have been using it to get Skyla to do more too I just tell her if she doesn't do it I cant mark it off and Santa wont being her any presents. Let me tell you that works like a charm.
O and Im going shopping on Black Friday (again) so if any one wants to come let me know :) 5am is never to early to shop.
Happy Holidays!


Stephanie said...

Thanks Christal! I just downloaded the good deeds charts. The boys are excited about it. So, I am.