Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love my Husband

I have not posted about Mick in a wile and I really should. The past few weeks it seems like my eyes have been opened a little more a few times to how wonderful my Husband is.

I am taking a dance class on top of all the other fun things I do (card class and book club once a month plus all my Enrichment responsibility's, things for the kids dance, scouts, friends). Then all my hobbies, reading, crafts, knitting (my new one), Blogging, baking the list goes on.

Mick NEVER complains about anything I do or want to do. I have even had weeks were I am not home from 7-10pm every night. I even got to go all the way to Connecticut to see my Mom for a week wile he stayed home with the kids.

Mick always puts me and the kids first. We have talked that when Skyla starts kindergarten, if I'm not babysitting then i will more then likely go get a part time job wile the kids are at school (I have not worked in almost 8 years and I have no idea where to start hehehe). Well yesterday we got a sign up sheet for the Halloween party for Justin's class, I told Justin we would make cookies for him to take. He was ok with that but said he wished I could work in his class that day too, but he knows I have to stay home with Skyla (siblings cant be in class). Mick then told me that he wanted me to be the class mom for Skyla kindergarten class, and if I could also do Justin's (do half days in both classes no biggie). He then told me how he knows how much I want to be a part of there schooling and he really wants me to do it wile I can.
Mick has only one hobby and that's football. I joke and say during the Football season I'm the 16 week widow. He is a HUGE Buffalo Bills fan and he watches every game. He know everything about all the players and the kids have even learned they don't get to watch TV on Sunday and Monday nights :).

I love my hubby and how loving and caring he is. He always tells me how beautiful I am (even though I don't think so). He is always pulling piratical jokes on me and knows how to laugh at himself. He will do things he is uncomfortable with just to please me.
Mick does so much for our family and all he ever ask's in return is that I love him forever (I think i can handle that :P). I am really lucky to have Mick for a husband, and I am so grateful for everything he does. I love you sweetie :)


Natalie said...

What a sweet post! You definitely caught a good one :)

Kate said...

Awesome Post! Thanks for sharing...

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