Saturday, October 11, 2008


Look out Pirates have taken over The Rogers house!!!!! Be on the look out for Captain Drama Queen Skyla and the feared Pirate Smart Mouth Justin.
They are considered armed and dangerous!

We went out today with the intent to get the kids costumes. Justin wanted to be a skeleton and Skyla wanted to be Minnie mouse. We could not find ether costume in their sizes.
Justin then picked out a Pirate costume and Skyla had picked out a witch one, but as we were walking to the dressing rooms to try them on we found the Girl Pirate costume that matched Justin's so we grabbed it. We only tried on the costume at the store (not the accessory's) and thought they looked cute. So we got them and the Kids LOVE them. We tried everything on once we got home and me and Mick couldn't stop laughing at how cute they look matching. Both of them went crazy over their costumes and are all in to Pirates right now.
I'm so happy they let us get them matching costumes I wanted one year of them being something together. I just love the holidays there so much fun with the kids.


Kate said...

excellent costumes...look forward to reading their adventures.

Millertime said...

SO CUTE! I just love the look on their faces.