Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My mom is so cool! She just got Her and I webcam's and mine just came yesterday. Its the coolest thing ever!!! If you don't have one you have to get one. You can call people through Yahoo messenger (or any other IM) and you can see and talk to them.

Justin and Skyla LOVED being able to talk and see their Nana last night. They were showing her all kinds of stuff it was really cute. They even asked to see her dog (Maggie, it was cute she tried to lick the screen).

Also there not that much the one my mom got (in the pic above) was only $53.00. It takes pics and has a built in microphone, the video is a little delayed but pretty fast, and there is all kinds of stuff you can do with it. This is a must for those who have family and friends far away, easy and fun way to keep in touch.


Jessica said...

We always wanted to get one of those. Good reminder.

Natalie said...

That's the exact same one we have! We love ours... most of the time. Ours has a tendency to freeze up or just turn itself off in the middle of a webcam call, making us have to restart it. Maybe it's our internet connection. Hopefully yours doesn't do that.

Savages said...

Looks fun. I didn't realize they were so cheap, maybe we will have to get one after all!