Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The things kids say

I know all kids have their share of funny things they say, all but Skyla. Skyla has never really said anything funny (like Tucker, that boy is too funny). She see things and will talk about them but never really makes up her own reasoning as to why it does what it does........Till today (witch shocked me and had me cracking up).

Today at Noon as the Emergency sirens (witch is by the fire station right out in our parking lot) was going off for its monthly check Skyla came up with this......

Sky "Mommy what it that?"
Me "that's just a siren it will go off in a minute"
Sky "no its not that's a Fireman screaming"
Me "O really?"
Sky "yeah and he is loud, I cant hear anything cause my nose is running"
Me in tears cracking up :)

Later on.....

Sky "mommy my leg hurts"
Me "Why does your leg hurt? Did you hit it?"
Sky "No it hurts inside cause it needs a cookie"

I know these are probably funnier to me then you, but those of you who really know Sky and how grown up she has always been. This is something new for her and I just love it :)


Savages said...

Super Cute! Isn't it great to have a place to record all the cute things your kids say and do?! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

She's one smart cookie! It's funny what they'll say for food.

Eric and Jackie said...

I love that her leg wants a cookie! That's a good one!