Saturday, May 10, 2008

Six Flags

We took off to Six Flags (Marine world for us who remember when it was called that) and had such a blast! The kids were so well behaved, it was a nice day weather wise, not to many people, and the best part we had money to have fun with LOL.

The Kids loved taking pics today with any character they could find.
Mick even got in to the mood to have his pick taken (yes he is picking that dolls nose)

We had so much fun on the rides, Sky is tall enough to go on everything this year. We even got to let then go on somethings alone. It was nice to sit and relax wile the kids went on ride.

This one I had to go on with them, and here is Mick waving to us (kinda high for a kids ride huh?)

They built a Thomas the Tank engine area and of course the kids went crazy over it. They got to see all there favorite charters and take a pic by Thomas himself.

Then we had some fun letting them get their faces painted. Skyla loves putting on makeup and she sat so still wile the girl did hers and it came out really pretty. Justin has never wanted his face painted so I was kinda shocked over what he picked out.

See what I mean :)

He looks so cute and boy did we get lots of complements over how cute they looked all day. Skyla of course loved the attention and Justin just acted like he was to cool to notice LOL.
Then we hit the game area before we left and the kids got lots of fun prizes.
All in all we had a great day we even made it back in time to hit the Ward dinner at our church (wooohoo I didnt have to make dinner after that whole day out). I love my family and Im so excited for all the fun things we get to share.


Stephanie said...

You got some great pix at the Discovery Kingdom. My favorite is the one at the top of the page. It looks like you had a great time.