Friday, May 30, 2008


Mike is my mom's boyfriend, as far as I'm concerned I call him my step-dad and he ROCKS! He is sweet, loves Justin and Sky to death and boy do they love him. He is very caring and would do anything for Me and my family. That makes me love him that much more!

At first I was not very nice to him (sorry mike) but he forgave me and we have a pretty cool relationship. Justin gets mad at me when I call him Mike and not dad (he think he is my dad cause he is with Nana so yeah he has to be, and that's something we decided Justin will figure out when he is old enough to do math :) )

SO that is about Mike. I felt I had to give him his own post since I forgot to give him credit about getting Me a web cam and he yelled at me about it. Love you Mike :)