Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday JUSTIN!!

I cant believe Justin is 6 years old all ready. Where does the time really go. We had a small birthday for him and he had a blast. He loves his friends so much and to him (and the rest of our family) our friends are more like family then our real family is. Now that he is getting older he is understanding how blessed we all are to have the friends we have.

His cake was really cute and I was able to find Dinosaur candles (6 even) to go with it. Not to mention it was a really good cake :)

He got some really fun things for the pool this year cant wait for summer!

And wile all the fun was going on the girls dumped out the toy box and were have the best time playing in it. I never really thought how big that toy box was.


Savages said...

The girls had tons of fun at your party! The cake was good, wasn't it? And way too cute! I love that picture of the girls in the toy box, they're so fun!

Stephanie said...

Happy belated birthday Justin!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to Justin! Can you believe that you have a six year old? I love that cake.