Thursday, April 3, 2008

Justin First T-ball Game

Justin had his first game yesterday, and Thanks to Dave and Stephanie I have some pics of it :) (thanks guys).
It was so cute watching the kids play and they all did such a good job and had so much fun. Justin really likes having his good friend Josh on his team, and he knows a few of the kids from school.
On thing there team is doing is after every game they are give the game ball to one of the kids. Josh got it last night and Justin was so excited for him. I love it T-ball is so much fun and even better cause we get to share it with friends :)


Stephanie said...

You're welcome! I love the picture of Justin in the dugout.

Amanda Hardman said...

How fun! I can't wait to sign my kids up for things like this. You're such a great mom!

Millertime said...

I miss Justin. He is such a sweet little man. What a great little baseball player he is.