Monday, March 3, 2008

Movie review

If you have not seen this movie you need too. It was really good! We took the kids to go see this, yep even skyla. We went late enough that she fell asleep on the drive there and was asleep the whole time till the previews stated. We Figured since she had not taken a nap and we were seeing the movie at 7pm she would go to sleep just cause she would lose interest cause it wasn't a cartoon.
Well we didn't know how good the movie was. It jumps right in to the story and action it was a really good movie. Justin was pretty jumpy through it and not big on the monsters in it but he still liked it. Skyla was just captivated by it. She didn't say a peep through the whole thing (except laughing at parts witch was funny to me cause I didn't think she would get the joke but she did).
There was one part where something jumps out and I jumped in my seat, Sky didn't move but patted me and the leg and told me it was ok LOL. All in all it was a grate story and a great movie. We all enjoyed it and cant wait for it to come out on DVD.
O and Sky fell asleep after 2min of being in the car :)