Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Time

We had a wonderful Easter, the kids got to dye eggs and we watched "Its the Easter beagle Charley Brown". The kids had a blast hunting for the eggs the next morning and going nuts with their baskets. Then we got to go to church and the spirit was just so strong non of us wanted to leave LOL. When we got home Justin wanted to tell Mick the Easter story and how amazing it was that Jesus came back to life. So we all sat down and I read some of the story out if the bible. Sitting all together as a family reading that story really made the spirit feel strong in our home. I knew Mick could feel it too cause I caught him wiping his eyes a few times :) (not like he will ever admit it but he did I saw him). All in all it was a quiet and clam Easter filled with the spirit just the way it should be.

On another note.......
Im such a dork I completely forgot to take pic this year of the kids dying eggs and hunting for there eggs and opening their baskets. SO I have added a few Easter pic's from the past few years :) Justin and Skyla Easter 2006

Justin, Skyla, and Mick Easter 2007

Justin and Skyla Easter 2006 (skyla's first Easter)
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!