Monday, August 22, 2011


This year I am PTA President for the kids school (I have officially gone crazy and need to be put away for taking on this job). In my defence I was hijacked in to this position. ANYWAYS.....

The kids start school tomorrow ALL READY! So to day the last day of summer what are they doing?
Spending the day with their Auntie Kamie, wile mom works at the school doing PTA stuff :). At least they get to play with their cousins today and I know they will have fun cause they love it over there.

Summer was way to short. They only had 9 weeks of vacation and to be honest I'm not ready for them to be back in school all day yet. I have loved having them home and we have had a fun summer. Its so sad to see it end. Both will be in school from 8:45-3:25 that's a long day. Not to mention that 1 or both have something after school tue, wed and thur.